Is Prayer For Healing Real?

Is prayer for healing real, or is it just a placebo effect? Spiritual healing is in a class of its own. It is not theology, nor is it science or medicine. It is faith driven, and just like theology it focuses on believing in something that cannot be measured, but is felt, nonetheless. Is it psychological? Far from it.

Prayer For Healing Body Mind and Spirit

Is there any connection between the awareness of spirit and the ability to heal? One thing is for certain: spiritual healing focuses on the spirit of the person, and considers the body to be a part of the whole. We may not have full awareness of our spiritual presence, focused more strongly on our physical experience, but the impact of our spirit in thought and intention can prevail.

power of prayerThe Power of Prayer for Healing

Author Henry Blauvelt Wilson once said:

“If we have that faith we shall have that power, and if we possess that power we shall be able to bestow it with great joy, but in deep humility We too shall be able to say, ‘Such as I have I give unto thee’. We cannot really give what we do not possess.”

Let’s pause for a moment on that last sentence: “We cannot really give what we do not possess.” That thought can be turned in the direction of faith making up for our lack, or consider our idea of faith, vision, and hope as a balloon of hot air that is used to escape the problems of the world. Yes, faith is etheric, something that cannot be packaged. It is the breath of life that we instill in our world that let’s us hold on until conditions can change in a more favorable direction.

 Prayers for Healing

Let’s return to the topic of Prayer for Healing. While we focus let’s hold on to what was said earlier, ‘Such as I have I give unto thee’.

Sometimes it can be difficult to be receptive and accept the support that we ask for, or expect that support to come in a pre-defined package. That sounds contradictory to ask for yet not be able to accept it when it is offered, but it is true.

I remember a phrase I shared with a client a few years back, something I have been able to fold into my general reserve of thoughts for integrating our soul-felt passion into everyday life. “Can you have what you have?” We are not unconscious vessels waiting to be filled, we are sentient beings with purpose, desire, and so much to offer. We are beyond measure, yet we live in a world of dimensions, a place of boundaries. It is in our hands to define who we are, what we are made of, and what we are willing to accept as our truth. It is also in our hands to accept our own power for prayer and the power of prayer for healing.

Is prayer for healing real? More so than much that we take for “real” these days. Money itself has no value, electronics are only as good as the equipment and electricity that powers them. The true power is in the living, the spirit within.

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