Giving New Meaning To The Word Invest

It’s good sometimes to have a shake up, a time when we can transition, realign, and reassess any part of our life. After all, while the universe may be abundant we are geared in this world with time and space. It’s important how we invest our time, use our resources. It’s also important how we invest our attention and energy. Today we can take a step toward personal enrichment by giving new meaning to the word Invest.

Giving new meaning to “Invest”

It’s amazing how a word that we think is so strongly tied to money can be of value to our personal and professional growth.

Think of the first two letters. IN. That’s where it all begins, with IN. Our energy flows inward to either uphold what we believe in, or create a hurricane force to try to spin away what we don’t like. Either way we are powerful.

Investment – Thinking about what comes back

There is one thing for certain, an investment is not “giving it away”. We expect return from our investments. Are there any guarantees? Most often not, and we weigh and measure, take the advise of others, and read the signs whether they are intuitive or learned. Investments are meant to be two-directional, giving and receiving, and have value, giving us something equal to or greater than what we put into it.

Doesn’t that same idea apply just as much when we turn toward our views on how well we invest in ourselves, not by measure of the dollar but in terms of our values, beliefs and energy?

Who Do You Invest In?

We learn at an early age how to listen to others, invest our energy to be part of a team, and give our time and energy to support a product or service. When we learn to invest in ourselves it is usually time spent practicing. Repetition is great, it takes something deliberate into learned and makes it more flowing and natural. Being a champion takes practice. But practice is not the only ingredient. We also have value and a desire to be the best, do our best, and keep trying.

The same applies when we use the art of practice and apply it to self esteem and self worth. How often do we practice investing in ourselves just for the sake of feeling good, living in love, being appreciated for who we are? How do we be and do our best in action in action if we haven’t mastered it standing still?

They say “time is money”

giving new meaning to the word investYes time is money, but this simple little statement can have many meanings. In other words, time has value. How much time do we give to ourselves, and is it time well spent? How can a few minutes of turning up our inner broadcast of self-support and encouragement affect us throughout the remainder of our day?

Think of it as taking away some of the tension and misdirection. It works in our lives just as much as it does when we align the wheels on our car: it takes less to help us move farther, and the wheels turn together, making the ride easier to handle.

Ready for the pun? “I’ve always wondered what ‘invest’ meant.”

All kidding aside, I believe in you, and appreciate your spending this time with me today developing yet another of our tools for enriching our lives.

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