Mayan Calendar Tarot Connectivity

The Mayan Tzolkin Calendar is an ancient spiritual calendar that contains many insights into our inner world. We all possess qualities that appear as strengths or weaknesses, depending on how we use those qualities. Understanding those empowering qualities and integrating those qualities into our lives takes awareness and experience. This leads into the power of the story found in both the Mayan Calendar and Tarot.

mayan_calendar_160The Mayan Calendar

In the Mayan Tzolkin there are 20 picture glyphs, each with its own characteristics. Arranged in a wheel that turns one notch every day, we bring focus to a certain energy vibration. We find this same focused insight in astrology as well as the tarot.

The Mayan Calendar and its wheel of picture glyphs turn harmonically with an inner wheel of 13 numbers. The Mayan’s believed 13 to be a magical number, and I see it as the gateway between what we have and our next step in life.

Tarot also gives us a cycle or story, with 21 characters known as the major cards. If you subtract the character of the Fool, which is the number 0, then you will find 20 characters, the same as the Mayan Calendar.

In the Mayan Tzolkin I see a story line, with opportunities to learn with each turn of the wheel. There exists within this cycle both light and dark as well as the focus on body and spirit.

Mayan Calendar vs. Tarot

tarotmagician160In the Tarot the major characters begin with the Fool, and when taken in story format the fool moves forward through a series of lessons or insights. There are challenges along the way, and the fool has opportunity to take each step to either strengthen or weaken self.

Both the Mayan Calendar and the Tarot support the idea that life has its complexity. Tarot also gives us 14 numbers, each with the four elements of earth, water, air, and fire. This is representative of body, mind, emotion, and spirit. I also see these 4 elements in conjunction with the medicine wheel as well as our creative cycle.

The Mayan Calendar presents its own complexity in the combinations created by the interactivity of the picture glyph and number glyph wheels. These wheels turn together to give 260 combinations. This 260 day cycle may be reminiscent of the birth cycle and ancient honor of the divine feminine, a concept that lived strongly in the time prior to the current yang cycle of the planet.

Awareness of the many facets of the human life cycle is nothing new, and when we look closely we see only variations to the same story. The Mayan Calendar brings an interesting complement to traditional tarot, and can be used to spotlight qualities we seek to strengthen or bring to a new level.

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