Finding Intuitive Meaning

What does it mean to find intuitive meaning? Is intuition something that we learn? Or is it something that we develop? When it comes down to finding our own intuitive meaning, how do we weave our visions and insights into our everyday lives?

intuitive meaningFinding Intuitive Meaning

Finding intuitive meaning isn’t just something that just happens to us. It is a multi-step process that involves awareness, interpretation, and consciousness.

What do we gain from finding our own intuitive meaning in any area of life? Plenty.

There is that magnetic charge of our curiosity. There is the desire to give meaning and value. At the finish line there is a satisfaction that comes from our own insights and interpretation. All that is found in the depth of finding our own intuitive meaning.

Let’s take a look at a few other benefits of finding intuitive meaning, and explore a different perspective of what we gain within our inward journey:


  • Awareness: We take for granter our ability to be aware, but awareness is something to be treasured. Have you ever had the experience of seeing something that you’ve seen day in and day out from a new perspective, as though you’re seeing it for the first time? It’s almost a surreal feeling, as though time stands still, even for that split second. Awareness can be fine-tuned, developed like a tool, though we rarely give it that much thought.
  • Our desire to know: ever hear the expression “a sight for sore eyes”? We have a longing in our soul to learn, explore, and find our own intuitive meaning. Desire is a powerful energy, and this emotion can be one that can be put aside, even feared for its influence on our otherwise logical mind.
  • Appreciation. What does appreciation have to do with intuitive meaning? Plenty. Take a step inward and notice your own ability to observe and find your own intuitive meaning. Seek out something you have explored within your thoughts, and find something that you appreciate. Notice how it feels, to find something that you appreciate. What affect did it have on you? How many other pleasant emotions did you feel? Enjoyment? Excitement? Pleasure? Curiosity? Did it make you smile, or long for more? Appreciation goes hand-in-hand with finding intuitive meaning.

I’m sure we could find many other benefits of self-discovery and finding intuitive meaning. One point I’d like to bring focus to is how natural it is, finding our intuitive meaning. In fact the word intuitive is often associated with something that comes natural, with grace an ease. Isn’t that the way it should be, to find intuitive meaning in such an easy, simple way?

Finding Intuitive Meaning © 2012 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Intuitive Meaning founder and author Estee Taschereau offers Soul Reflective Reading Sessions around the world via phone and skype.  Sessions are by appointment

Image credits: Oil Painting by Jacob Fraden, shared for use via wikipedia commons.

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