Fall Equinox 2012 Shifting Our Attention

Fall Equinox 2012 has arrived. In the sense of the world this is the day we teeter and turn, shifting from the long days of summer into the shorter days of fall and winter. The 24 hour day is no longer or shorter, it is only different. Do we call it darker, or is there another term we could use that might sound a little more embraceable?

Shifting Our Attention Inward

What do we get out of our summer and those longer light days? Light gives us a greater ability to see what is around us, see further with greater clarity. But light, by itself, is only a part of our experience. There is shadow as well, and objects that reflect that light, that’s what really gives us our experience, not the light by itself. Light is great, but it is not everything. Many of us live a busy life, active, filled with things we do, tasks, goals, commitments. All this activity takes focus and energy, and as we reach forward we create a level of stress. What about that stress? When we reach out physically, extending our arm as far as we can reach we can hold that position for just so long. We reach, and we relax, and when we combine reaching and relaxing we tone the muscles and promote the flow of blood and exchange of nutrients and waste in thousands of cells. Reaching without relaxation and rest would eventually weaken us, and all that effort would be in vain. fall equinox 2012 shifting our attention

Fall Equinox 2012 – Less “Fall”, More “Focus”

The word “fall” in itself is a bit of a downer. The days ahead will be darker, but they will be no less than any other day. Light is only one side of the bigger picture. It takes the density of the physical, the ability to stand still and cast a shadow that gives dimension to our light. The Fall Equinox 2012 can be an opportunity to flip the switch, taking our energy and attention off the things we create, the places we go, and turn our focus inward. As we take that turn, twisting in our path like a dancer in fluid movement, we can rise, release, and relax. All that effort is for a purpose, and now is a great chance to focus on the core of that purpose. Shifting our attention inward we can find that purposeful self, the reason for being, doing, and having.

Welcome to the Fall Equinox 2012. What’s ahead? Days of darkness, or a reflective space for our inner light? The equinox is a limited time offer, a chance to see the light and the darkness as equals, and hold the full spectrum of night and day within our consciousness.

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