Enlightenment Can Be Fun At The Emerald Spiral Expo!

It’s time for the fall 2012 Emerald Spiral Expo in the greater Seattle area. What is the Emerald Spiral? You may have heard of this long-standing expo as the Boeing Parapsychology Club Expo. A few years back the Emerald Spiral Co-op, lead by Susan Harmon, took over the expo, literally keeping the spirit of the expo alive.

Emerald Spiral Expo Fall 2012

emerald spiral expoThis expo has everything you could ask for, plus more!  Admission is free!  The cost of parking is.. free!!  What will you find? Many booths with services and products that are focused on personal and professional wellness and growth. Want to get a massage, you’ll likely find a booth with this service. How about a Reiki energy healing? Want a spiritual reading?  Perhaps you want to find the most amazing crystal for your personal energy enhancement – yes you will find it at the Emerald Spiral.

How about learning about how you can enhance your visionary side, accelerating and enhancing your ability to know what you offer the world and how to express your gifts?  That’s what I’m bringing to the expo, look for me at booth 6, offering One to One sessions, and energy enhancing sessions, all focusing on your MetaVisionary abilities.

Make a day of it at the Emerald Spiral. Food and beverages are available for purchase, and there will be speakers throughout the day. Did I mention door prizes?  The Emerald Spiral is at Kent Commons, just a few blocks from the metro and train station for easy access!

Emerald Spiral Fall Expo: Saturday September 29, 2012, 9am to 5pm.  525 4th Ave North, Kent Washington. Free admission to the event, and free parking.  Enlightenment can be fun, and the best place to energize your journey is at the Emerald Spiral!

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