Zodiac Aromatherapy Is Heaven To The Senses

Zodiac aromatherapy: Is there a connection between the zodiac signs and aromatherapy? The twelve zodiac signs do indeed have odoriferous plants associated with them, according to many authorities throughout time. This seems logical in the sense of the senses, that life is a full experience and does carry an intuitive meaning. Time and alignment of the stars could be reasonably aligned with the seasons, climates and species, just the same as the zodiac ís association with animals and elements.

Aromatherapy has become intertwined with energy healing, used in therapies such as massage and Reiki. To what depth can we take our energy healing effect by combining body, mind, and spirit, as well as physical and celestial?

Zodiac Aromatherapy

zodiac aromatherapyThe first sign in the zodiac aromatherapy perspective is Aries, and this fire sign is associated with Myrrh. Did you know that Myrrh has a famous biblical reference? Itís one of the three precious, valued gifts brought by the wise men to the baby Jesus.

Our second sign in zodiac aromatherapy is Taurus, the bull. Pepper-wort is the aromatic plant for this feisty sign. This marsh-fern is also known as clover fern, and is edible, used as a salad green.

The third sign in the zodiac is Gemini, the twins. Mastic is from the mastic tree in the Mediterranean region. It has a balsamic fragrance that is reminiscent of pine. Not only is this a valued aromatherapy essential oil but it is also an antibiotic, antiseptic, and is used for treating bronchitis and arthritis. Most of the highly valued aromatherapy products have medicinal qualities, too.

For the sign of Cancer we have camphor, a strong smelling plant weíve known as a treatment for congestion and colds. Camphor has also been used as incense and for cooking, too.

Biblical Aromatherapy?

Leo is our next sign into zodiac aromatherapy, and for this regal lion we have frankincense, another of the highly valued resins presented to baby Jesus by the wise men. Today frankincense is used as a medicine for joint problems. The aroma of frankincense is strong and powerful, and itís one of the resins used by the Catholic Church.

Next on our list is Virgo, and red sanders wood is the aromatic gem. How else do we know this plant? Red Sandalwood. Sandalwood has long been used in Buddhist and Hindu practice.

Libra is connected to galbanum, and in a spiritual sense this aroma can help unlock the truth, casting away sadness and wrongdoing. Galbanum has a balsamic odor, and has been recognized for its healing power since ancient times.

For Scorpio we have another lesser known aroma, opopanax. Known for its muscle relaxing properties opopanax is resin that helps reduce stress.

What about Sagittarius? We connect this sign in zodiac aromatherapy with lignum aloes, a resin that smells a lot like sandalwood. Also known as Agarwood, this resin enhances spirituality and devotion.

As for Capricorn, we have Benjamin, known today as benzoin. This gum also has a sweet balsamic and vanilla like odor, and is said to be sharp and cutting.

Aromatherapy, Spirituality, and Spirits.. of another kind

For Aquarius we have euphorium. Ah, the pleasure of it all! Euphorium litchi is common in China, and this wonderful fruit has been enjoyed as a desert as well as used to produce liquor.

Have we left out anyone? Perhaps last but never least is Pisces, and the aroma of red storax. Another plant used to make liquor has another “spirit” purpose. It was used in combination with other aromatic substances to fumigate around tombs and graves, and is also used as a part of the incense mixture by the Catholics.

That covers it, the zodiac aromatherapy connection. I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed writing. This glimpse at the aromatic zodiac dates back to the teachings of Agrippa in the 1500’s.

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