The Meaning of Tobacco in the Spiritual World

In ancient Alaskan tribe called the Thlinket it was custom that whenever you passed the grave of a shaman, the spiritual leaders of the tribe, that you offer some tobacco into the water.  Tobacco has been known in old world cultures as an item of great value.  The sacrifice of a persons tobacco to the spirit of the shaman was thought of as a request to be in the favor and good will of the deceased.

tobacco blessing and gift of honorTobacco as a symbol

Tobacco has been used in drumming ceremonies, and other ceremonies, blessings and prayer sessions.  Before using a drum, for any purpose, there are steps to take in order to make the event successful and healing.

The elders and spirit guides are called in.  An offering of tobacco is sprinkled over the drum, gifted to the spirit of the animal associated with the drum hide.  A prayer or blessing is stated as well, asking for support, clarity, healing energy, or protection.

One of the reasons tobacco is used as an offering is that it was highly valued in ancient times.  Shamans and elders around the world have understood the importance of honor and fair exchange.  To give something that you value as the first step in anything you do, whether it is asking for assistance or success for yourself or others, you set greater odds toward succeeding if you are willing to give as well.   This concept could be translated into any “language”:  if you garden you will have greater crops if you nourish the soil prior to planting; if you are starting a business you will have greater success in attracting investors if you have a quality product and can show return for their investment.

Tobacco – Gifting With Honor and Value

  • No matter what it is you bring to the table, always bring something of value, whether its tobacco, products, money, or the services you offer.
  • Always be willing to give something of value, even greater value than what you receive.

Just as the spirits of the old world could look into your heart and see your truth, the people you interact with today also have an intuitive feeling that guides them.  Let the world know you come from the heart as well as the head and what you give will often be rewarded.

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