Once in a Blue Moon Intuitively Speaking

“Once in a blue moon”.. sounds like a fairy tale, doesn’t it? What a great way created to share a story, expand consciousness, open our minds to something that seemed completely impossible. Today is the blue moon, a month when we have a full moon not just “once” but twice in the same calendar month. Is this anything special? It can be whatever we make of it.

Once in a Blue Moon

Our world and the universe around us gives us a tremendous amount of interactivity, and we are here to experience through both our sensory and our meta-sensory abilities. This interactivity can be stimulating and inspiring, thought-provoking, challenging, or healing.

once in a blue moonWe wrap ourselves around our experiences, creating interpretations and filling our interactions with great intuitive meaning. What experiences mean the most to us? The impact is determined intuitively, internally. This gives us great power, for we can take any life experience and weave within that experience a tremendous amount of information. We can take any moment in time and make it timeless, turning something that one person might not find significant into an amazing healing and life changing experience.

For most of us these insightful and life changing moments come about by chance, once in a blue moon. You might think that this is something that just happens to us, something that is beyond our control. What if we could develop this “once in a blue moon” healing moment into a skill, something that can be woven into our upcoming days in a way that is awakening and life enhancing?

Once In A Blue Moon Meditation

We all love experiences that have an impact on our consciousness, if it is an experience that brings us joy and doesn’t upset the delicate balance of life. This is the great part of self-directed meditation and spiritual planning for our upcoming days.

You may have in mind something you want to reinforce, like a feeling of confidence, or a sign that you are loved. In this blue moon month we can use this full moon symbolism as an inspiration to reflect, turn within, and ask for something to reflect back to us in our everyday life. Ask for this symbolic event to happen soon, within a few days time, and more than once. Ask that it be something that is unusual in an enjoyable way, and something you will recognize as a special sign meant just for you.

Once in a blue moon has been an expression that symbolizes something that rarely happens, based on the event when we get two full moons in the same calendar month. What if we used it as a healing and insightful tool full of intuitive meaning? Our world is here for us, a part of us, and we are part of the world. It’s an interactive space, and this full moon can be insignificant, or full of intuitive meaning. It’s fully our choice.

Read more about the blue moon, and the blue moon meditation offered in an earlier article. Seeking a visual, entertaining experience about a “once in a blue moon” experience? Check out the Once In A Blue Moon DVD, available through Amazon, shown below.

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