What’s the Meta in Metaphysical?

We’ve all heard the word metaphysical but what exactly does it mean? Let’s delve into this work, the common definition of metaphysical, and find an intuitive meaning for this word that relates to our everyday living.

The Definition of Metaphysical

The physical part is pretty well defined, meaning something we can touch or even manipulate. Matter is great, but it is not everything. Did you know that even the most solid object is not as solid as it appears?  Look close enough and you’ll find that matter has a tremendous amount of empty space. Can we relate the reality of matter to our lives? Even the fullest of lives has spaces between the events and memories. As for the heart, for us to share we must have space between us.

What does the “meta” in metaphysical mean? To find that answer, and even go beyond knowing to making this word an empowerment tool, we’ll look at this history of the word “meta”.

intuitive meaning of metaphysicalThe Meaning of Meta

The word meta came from the Greek word meaning “after” or “beyond”.  It’s not some strange woo-woo word that talks about esoteric things. In fact, one of the definitions of the word meta is “along with”.  We could sum it up to meaning “being a part of”, which is a very kind way of looking at accepting all aspects of ourselves.

Is our awareness and perceptions a metaphysical experience? In every moment we’re a part of our life experience. We engage our senses, feel the emotions, take part in an exchange of thoughts, ideas, and words. But we also relate the moment to the past, interpreting what is happening now by comparing it with past experiences. We can also step into the role of the observer, seeing ourselves and our interactions from a more self-conscious perspective. All this can take place during any moment of our lives.

Looking at Meta by Example

Some of the uses of the word meta are: metacarpus, metalinguistics, and metagenesis. We have metapsychology, associated with transcending, and metamorphosis, a really big change. All these words talk about enhancements.

Bringing this definition into play, the word metaphysical refers to combining or engaging both our physical abilities and our non-physical: thought, emotion, passion, ideas, purpose, creativity, all of those amazing gifts that we combine in so many ways that we will never run out of new ways of expressing ourselves.

Redefining Our MetaPhysical Life Experience

Getting back to the Greek definition, another use of the word meta is “in the midst of”. Isn’t that what it is all about, being in the midst of, or in the center of our life experiences? Being metaphysical means utilizing all we’ve got on a physical as well as a conscious level to make the most of every moment.

It’s amazing, we can take a word like metaphysical, often used to describe psychic abilities or perceptions that have been perceived to be “beyond”, and bring it into everyday terms. We can also translate the word into spiritual concepts of mystical proportions that carry us beyond our day-to-day lives. It goes both ways, expanding our consciousness “beyond” what we already understand, and bringing what’s “out there” back down to earth. When we look more closely at this whole mystical aspect of metaphysical we actually find that it’s all about who we are now, and where we are standing.

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