Blue Moon Meditation

What is a blue moon? Does it hold any symbolic or intuitive meaning? Is there a way to turn this lunar event into an empowering moment, or better yet, an empowering month? Let’s take a look at the full moon to see how it appears, and what is really going on “behind the scene” in this second part of Blue Moon Intuitive Meaning and turn this blue moon month into a blue moon meditation.

Today, or tonight, more precisely, we have a full moon. This month we have a blue moon, meaning that we have a full moon on the 1st as well as the 31st of the month. This lunar event holds a lot of symbolic meaning, and can be used as a catalyst to intuitive awareness and energizing the magnetic self.

Once in a Blue Moon

blue moon meditationEvery now and then we have those moments, those blue moons within our lives. Symbolically we can have a rare moment just about any time. We can also turn something everyday into something symbolic, creating a feeling of enrichment and completeness.

Those blue moons must be there by design, a way for us to refocus ourselves every now and then and perhaps look at our own bigger picture, see ourselves through reflection, and recognize the light that fills our lives both night and day. What have we discovered so far for our blue moon meditation? Reflection, design, seeing ourselves as a reflection of light, being enriched, feeling complete.

Blue Moon Meditation

How can we turn this blue moon month into a month of greater meaning?  We can begin and end the month with reflection, turning to our own inner light and seeing that we are a reflection of something bigger and brighter.

It only takes a moment for a blue moon meditation. In the days between these two blue moons, within the waxing and waning of the moon from one full moon to another, we can bring that light into our world both night and day. Starting on the first full moon, and continuing each day of the month until the blue moon full moon on August 31st, take a few minutes to turn inward and recognize your own reflective light. Have a glorious blue moon month, may your month be filled with enriching intuitive meaning.

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