Using Back To School For Self Growth

How many of us are in the midst of the back to school planning and preparing? What exactly is it, beyond the school part? It’s a shift of seasons, a change in the way we think, and an opportunity to prepare ourselves for something we know is coming our way. Even if we’re beyond our school days we can use the focus-shifting of back to school as a tool for self growth.

Using Back To School for Self Growth

All grown up these days, well beyond your back to school days?  Did you ever have the thought, “I’ll be glad when I don’t have to go back to school”? Maybe it’s time to do a little clearing of our thoughts about what it means to be grown-up, and reclaim our ability to start fresh again.

What feelings does back to school inspire? Dread? Anticipation? Maybe a combination of both! Did you look forward to reconnecting with your friends? Maybe your focus was on your teachers? It’s great to have a mentor, even in our adult years.

What good does a mentor do, what is their purpose? They help us to focus on certain thoughts and ideas with greater intensity than we would have on our own. Sometimes they ask us more questions than the teaching they provide, helping us develop our ability to analyze and explore our own thoughts and ideas.

Preparing for Back to School

back to schoolBeing prepared – that’s something we learn without thinking of it as a lesson. How do we prepare? We’d arm ourselves with the tools we needed for success. In the case of going back to school we bought our pencils, paper,  and a good backpack and binder to keep our “stuff” together.

What about other areas of your life, do you have personal or professional goals? Are you planning for an adventure, or want to develop skills so you can start a business or step into a role that you’re not used to performing?

How do you ready yourself for something important in your life, do you just go-with-the-flow or do you prepare yourself with the right tools and ways to “keep your stuff together”?

Self Growth – Using our Back to School Tools

It’s funny looking back at my own back-to-school days. I know I wasn’t too keen on the idea of giving up the carefree days of summer, but looking back I don’t feel it. What I do feel, years after my back-to-school days, is the excitement and anticipation. It makes me smile just thinking of it.

Finding Your Own Back-To-School Inspiration!

Try this exercise: imagine yourself looking back at your own school days, and notice the emotions. Can you find the inspiration and excitement? You may find that the first thing you see was a challenge, something that made you unhappy, an that’s okay. Just give that time in your life a hug, and a little understanding, then go a little further to find that bubble of anticipation. Got it? Good!  Take a moment and savor that feeling.

Now, within your thoughts, imagine turning toward today and the future, and find something you’re either planning or working toward. It could be a personal goal, an event you are planning for, or a business plan.

Do you see that same sense of enthusiasm, that sparkle of anticipation or excitement about your future?  Yes? Great, notice how magnetic and encouraging that energy is, and give it a new breath of life. No? Turn back to your past and borrow some of that enthusiasm-equity from your earlier days. Imagine taking a clone of that  exciting energy, and turn back to your future, reach out your hand and say, “Here, I think you’ll enjoy this!”.  A good dose of enthusiasm offered in faith and trust can make a world of difference between waking up to the “same old routines” or preparing ourselves for a life that draws us magnetically and enthusiastically into tomorrow.

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