Throat Chakra Communication Inside and Out

Our spiritual energy body consists of energy passages, much like the arteries and veins in the body, and chakras, which we can compare to our physical organs. There are seven primary chakras. This article covers an understanding of the throat chakra, the fifth chakra, counting from ground level upward.

What is a Chakra?

throat chakraThe word chakra is an ancient one, originating in the Sanskrit language. Chakra means wheel, and when seen through the eyes using clairvoyance, chakras do spin like a wheel. Each chakra has a role, ranging from our basic primal body knowledge up to our higher spiritual knowledge or wisdom.

Throat Chakra – Communication Central

The throat chakra relates to the flow of communication. Our ability to communication is most often seen as an exchange that flows between two distinct beings. Words are a common means of communication, but we are not limited to this single form. We have other means of communication like sign language that uses words, symbols and gestures to convey our message.

Our communication is multi-dimensional, meaning that it is not restricted to our words only. We use our facial expressions, our breath. We sometimes even use our silence to convey our messages to the world around us.

Just the same as our body is integrated, with connections and communication throughout the different organs and systems, the throat chakra acts as a conduit for other chakras in the chakra system. When we communicate we bring in our thoughts, views, feelings, and beliefs that when combined give life to our words.

Throat Chakra Focused Inward

The throat chakra is not solely focused on our outward communication. There is an internal flow as well known as the inner voice. Our inner voice may be seen as the personal connection we have for all aspects of ourselves, ranging from our worldly presence that walks one step at a time to the spiritual presence that connects us to the all-that-is.

Telepathy is another type of communication that we process through the throat chakra. Telepathy is simply communicating energetically without using the body as a tool. We all use this form of communication, but since our normal worldly teachings do not include acknowledging these subtle forms of communication many of us never give ourselves credit for using this ability.

As you can see, there is really no mystery to the throat chakra. Our energy bodies serve us in the physical world, helping us to experience and express ourselves. Understanding more about chakras and our energy bodies can give you greater understanding of yourself. Awareness brings us closer to ourselves, giving us more power in healing ourselves. The more clarity we have the easier it is for us to know our gifts, passions, and what we have to offer in this world.

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