The Intuitive Nature of Mind Over Matter

mind over matterMind over Matter – is it illusion, ego, or metaphysical?  Is there such a thing as mind over matter, or is it some form of hypnosis? The term “mind over matter came about in the 1960’s to describe paranormal or meta-physical abilities. Today many still take an interest in discovering their own hidden abilities.

How Does Mind Over Matter Work?

I believe the meaning of mind over matter has changed over time. Some describe it as having a strong mental mind. Others think of mind over matter in terms of telekinesis, bending spoons  like we saw on the matrix.  For others mind over matter means being in control of the world around them. Is mind over matter another way of describing manipulation and forceful control?

The Intuitive Nature of Mind Over Matter

I notice a very yin-yang combination of opposites in the heading “the intuitive nature of mind over matter”. The intuitive side is so often tied to the internal, the feminine or yin side. Mind over matter, much more masculine or yang.

What would happen if the two were to work together, the yin and yang sides?  No, we’re not talking about relationships with others, even though we can certainly carry these ideas into any relationship. But what about our own personal world?  Could the secret of mind over matter be…

The Secret of Mind over Matter

Is there such a thing as a secret to mind over matter?  It’s not likely so simple as flipping a switch, or as they did in the Matrix choosing the right pill. It’s a matter of having faith in self, learning more about your own energy and how you affect those around you. Developing our energetic abilities also brings up the consideration of responsibilities for your energy and actions. Sounds just like everyday life, doesn’t it?

Is there some secret technique for practicing mind over matter?  There are plenty!  One simple technique that’s easy to learn is muscle testing. Why use muscle testing?

The Intuitive Nature of Mind Over Matter © 2012 Kavi Saphala. About the author: “I love the fun aspects of life, and my dream is to integrate fun into everything we do. Life isn’t all about challenges, its about living and learning each step along the way”. Make every moment count, give life a stronger Intuitive Meaning.

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