The Intuitive Soul Self

Ah, to be alive, conscious and aware. Many of us seek to know and understand who we are and how to express that soul self to the world. This is nothing new, there are plenty of writings from Aristotle to Kant that offer food for thought. But to know one’s soul self, that is only found within. How easily or peacefully the journey to know ourselves and see our amazing presence is a question that really cannot be answered.

Seeing the Value of the Soul Self

Things Depreciate. People grow older. Even mountains change, eventually crumbling. The soul self, that one unseen, non-physical part of our existence, that part is timeless and cannot or should not be diminished. But it happens every day, events take place that corrupt the integrity of our circle of trust.

Why do we face such destruction of our worth? Everywhere we turn we can easily find examples that confirm our own beliefs and enforce a common ground. We could bow our heads and hide our shortcomings, but there is always a part of us that will not allow us to bury ourselves. There is an emergence of our own spirit, or you can call it the soul self, that seeks to be known and recognized for what it is: our presence, our passion, and the expression of divine essence within the density of the world.

My choice of topic was inspired by a passage I read in a book published in 1881 called “The Arabula: The Divine Guest” by Andrew Jackson Davis. “The soul’s return,” not the soul’s progress, is the burden of their evening prayer.”

How much of our attention is placed on seeking something that by appearance (or lack of recognition) is outside of ourselves?  We are told that we are in the image of something divine. Do we maintain these words in our actions?  So many actions and statements lead us to a place where we diminish our value, even allowing the damage to penetrate as deeply as the core of our existence.

This posting is not intended to discredit or deny the teachings that are intended to lead us to enlightenment. It is only meant to strip away the chaff that buries the intent of finding consciousness and living in the light of our soul.  Be here, be now, and invest enough love-filled time in sustaining the soul and allowing your soul self to speak.  After all, the kingdom of heaven is within, which means it is with us today, not some distant place in the future.

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