Metaphysics as a Way of Life

The term Metaphysics came to life in the time of Aristotle, with the concept of “being qua being” or being understood as being. The works of metaphysics is said to be the foundation of many theories developed since, from Plato to Dante, in Greek philosophy and the many branches of thinking since those early times.

What is Existence?

This is one of the most profound questions. Do we exist for any purpose, or simply exist because we exist? Does what we believe “matters”, matter itself, even exist in the way we perceive it?

What Matter Matters?

True, this is a play on words. What is matter? Mostly space, according to quantum physics. This new science demonstrates theories that show that matter is mostly space, with energy blinking in and out of that space. Funny, sounds a lot like the theories of Plato.

Metaphysics – It’s All Physics

the meaning of metaphysicsWhether we follow quantum physic or meta-physics, its all the same. Physics is simply the study of matter and energy. Meta by definition means “beyond physical”, which can be both energy and space. What does the word “physics” mean but “nature”, the study of matter, energy, and the interactions between the two.

Metaphysics, by Nature

Metaphysics is about the energy part of that matter and energy relationship, and Aristotle had a lot to say about energy. He believed that it was the nature of energy to have continuous movement, to be in one place now and another place in another point of time, the “at-at” theory. “Change is the actuality of that which potentially is, qua such”. What is qua? It is capacity.

Energy Talk and Metaphysics Isn’t All “Woo-Woo”

Has new age and metaphysics taken a wrong turn? So much is said about potential and possibilities, but energy is about being capable and making things happen. It is movement which translates into life, animating matter. Isn’t that what matters? We can have energy without matter, but that leaves us with no means to create and express ourselves. We can have matter without energy, but this would be void of life.

What about Energy Healing? Is that “Metaphsyics”?

“Energy Healing” isn’t some new creation, and it is not solely a spiritual thing, it is the meeting of energy and matter. How matter and energy relate, now that is a whole other topic, and then we do truly delve into the spiritual approach, who we are and how do we go about expressing ourselves in this world. In that sense energy healing is truly energy healing, actualizing what we believe in, living as we are fully capable of living.

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