Little Acts of Kindness and Gratitude

Little acts of kindness, what does that mean? When could it be described as anything “little” when we’re talking about giving another person a moment of our attention? What about when we’re sharing something out of some soul-level impulse to express ourselves?

Little acts of kindness are such a tiny investment of our time and energy. But like any investment those little acts of kindness can grow in value, especially when we re-invest what we have gained with a powerful dose of gratitude.

Little Acts Get Magnified – “I Needed That”

“Little acts” could be holding the door open for someone, or sharing a smile, saying “good morning” instead of hiding within your mental solitude even when standing in a crowd. Little acts are just that, tiny expressions that show that we are able to expand our consciousness outside our own little world. What’s more, those little acts are like a breath of life that continues beyond the boundaries of our thoughts.

Sometimes our little acts can make a bigger difference, growing brighter as we reflect them back to their source. What does this mean? It simply means that our little acts can be a lifeline for someone who is looking for a sign of appreciation, a message that says, “At least one person knows I exist”. Our little acts can mean the world in that moment.

Little Acts of Kindness and Gratitude

Truly amazing little acts of kindness can’t really be intentional, at least not when it comes to touching a soul. After all, it’s not the act itself that gives value to the moment, it’s the selfless but soulful step we take outside of our protective shell that makes the difference.

Are all our acts of kindness appreciated? No. Do we see the little acts of kindness that others offer to us, and do we take our own step outside of our safety zone to express our gratitude?

When is the Right Time for Grateful Living?

This is my “double dog dare you” for today, to turn this day into a day of self discovery through gratitude-in-action. What does it take but a moment of your time to see the little acts of kindness others offer to us.

Be conscious of the resistance that might arise within, and give that resistance it’s own well-deserved thank you. That resistance, or hesitation, is there as a self protection learned when kindness was offered by a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Thank yourself for remembering, then step past that defense system long enough to practice the art of receptivity found within little acts of kindness and gratitude.

Gratitude – Count Your Blessings

Let go of the “owe you one” and any other “cost” associated with receiving little acts of kindness, and be ready to count. As you practice recognizing little acts of kindness you may find your life changing into a more flowing, receptive space, encouraging even more little acts of kindness into your life.

A Handful of Blessings

Let’s get back to our “double dog dare you” and commit to recognizing five simple acts of kindness. That’s it, just observe. The next step is to appreciate those acts, quietly within. It’s amazing how freeing this simple exercise can be, energizing as well, for it takes a lot of energy to hold up those walls we create.

Ready for more? We’ll get to that soon enough. For now let’s just savor the moments, and give recognition to the little acts of kindness in our life and how gratitude rekindles us.

Little Acts of Kindness and Gratitude © 2011 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Estee offers self-awareness mentoring and intuitive/healing services to clients around the world. With over 30 years offering spirit-level counseling sessions, Estee offers insights into your soul-felt purpose, bringing peace and understanding into day-to-day living. Sessions are available internationally, by appointment, via phone or Skype.

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