Intuitive or Psychic Readings What Does This Mean?

Intuitive or Psychic readings: are they one in the same or something different? There is no baseline when it comes to a psychic, clairvoyant, or intuitive reading. In fact, let’s explore the definition these terms:

  • Psychic means “of the soul”, and is more appropriately used as a generic term for “energy worker”. Psychic readings are simply talking soul to soul;
  • Clairvoyant means “clear vision”; this is the spiritual tool or ability used in psychic readings, similar but different than;
  • Intuitive, which means “clear feeling” or gut level feeling.

intuitive psychic readingsThese terms overlap in their use. So do the clarity, compassion, and consciousness brought into a reading. Psychic readings vary from reader to reader.

Just like in any  area of life, there is little connection between ability and skill. For example: you can have a graduate of business school who has little aptitude or flow in business, while someone with no formal training can be a business genius with a strong intuitive or natural skill.

Psychic Readings and Style

There are many styles of psychic readings, and that is good, for there are many people with their own baseline requirements and wants for the readings they receive.

How do you know which style of reading is right for you?

How to find a psychic reader

One good way to find a reader is through friends who have received a reading. Another is to follow your intuition or guidance. I’ve had many who have found me at an expo who have said, “I just knew I had to come over here, and get a reading from you”. Not one of those people felt any disappointment in what they received, in fact they all commented how surprised they were with the reading session. I love my job: there is nothing better than to talk to someone about their true self, that part of them that encourages, guides, and seeks happiness and well-being.

What if you don’t know anyone who’s had a reading, or doesn’t talk about it when they do? It’s amazing how secretive we can be, yet when word slips out it’s surprising how many people are interested in hearing about a reading or energy healing session!

Using your own intuitive insights

The only other place to turn is to yourself, using your own intuition. What do you like about what this person says, or writes? What kind of feeling do you get, do you feel comfortable with them?

Is there some event where you can meet them and see them ‘in action’, like a reading event or healing event? I’ve always enjoyed offering psychic readings at expo’s like the Emerald Spiral Expo in Kent, Washington, and have many clients who reconnect with me at those events.

I hope I have answered some of your question, or perhaps lead you down the road of a thousand new questions. Whichever path you chose, walk it with honor and joy. Whoever you turn to for psychic readings, I wish for you compassionate insights into your soul, and lingering inspiration.

Intuitive or Psychic Readings What Does This Mean? © 2012Kavi Saphala,
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