Healing Drums

Drumming goes back to the early days of mankind around the world. By using a drum people could communicate more than just by voice. After all, the deep tones produced from the hollow of the wood and the stretched-out hide of an animal was rich and loud, and the sound would carry far across the land.

Drums were used as tools to give warning or signal, and it was believed that the energy of the animal used to make the drum gave the drum even greater power. Healing drums were also used to invoke spirit. Imagine the strength of the buffalo, the speed of the deer, or the stance of the elk within your drumming music.

Drums and Prayers

healing drumsDrumming was also used in ceremonies along with smoke and the sound of the flute. Believed to be heard by the great spirit drumming was melodic, almost channelled. The beating was meant shift the individual into a trance-like state, a deeper meditative peace of mind.

Drumming Healing

Many have found drumming to be very healing. Science has shown us that the repetitive sound that emulates the heartbeat increases our awareness and ability to learn. Sound healing also affects our immune system, and helps us to relax both mentally and physically.

How to Learn Drumming for Meditation and Healing

The secret to drumming for healing is the rhythm, the body, the energy, and relaxing into the sound. You can find a Healing Drum Kit on Amazon that includes all the tools you need to start your journey into healing. This kit is for both beginners and those who are experienced in energy healing and shamanism. The kit includes a simple drum, 2 CD’s, and “rhythm cards”.  For the price its a great deal, making a quality drum without the guides and CD’s would cost more.

Healing by Drumming

In this stressful world we all need to find ways to relax and shift our brain out the of the chatter. Drumming is one of the fun ways to create this shift, and this kit includes drumming styles from around the world to help you heal by drumming.

Healing by Drumming by Dennis Finn. About the author: Dennis loves fun and games as well as energy healing, and combines these two passions by sharing stories and products that promote natural wellness.

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