Blue Moon Intuitive Meaning

Once in a blue moon we have two full moons within the same month. In fact this expression, “once in a blue moon” came about by this lunar event. What does that expression mean? It simply refers to something that doesn’t happen everyday, something that is not so common. It’s use has been used with greater emphasis as well. That means with a twist of sarcasm to mean something is unlikely to happen. Intuitively speaking “once in a blue moon” could mean an opportunity. The question is, an opportunity for what?

Blue Moon – Beginnings and Endings

blue moon and intuitive meaningIn this month, August 2012, we have two full moons. The first occurs on August 1st, kicking off a much-appreciated summer month when many take vacation, share time with family and friends, and prepare for the start of the new school season.

We have so many season, ritualistic groupings of days: there is the seasons associated with the solstice and equinox; the season of fall, winter, spring and summer. Aside from that we have the rainy season, football season, and so on. The second full moon of the month happens on August 31, 2012, kicking off the harvest season.

Is there any solid dividing line drawn by the earth itself?  Only by the solstice and equinox, that’s the only one shared by both the earth and mankind. The blue moon itself only happens because we draw the line with our calendar system, a system of days, weeks and months that isn’t fully synched with the world it’s associated with.

Is there such a thing as a blue moon season, can there can be four full moons within a three month seasonal cycle? Alas, this cycle between June 20th summer solstice, the longest day of the year, and the fall equinox, a day of equality, has only three full moons. The season that follows, marked by the fall equinox and the winter solstice also has only three full moons. Nothing so special there, not in the eyes of the world or the seasons. But as for us, the people of the world, we create symbolism and intuitive meaning.We associate with things that happen within our lives as it relates to us. We do so for greater understanding, to motivate us, and inspire deeper thought and truer action.

Blue Moon – Intuitive Meaning

What does the blue moon symbolize? The moon itself, luna, is associated with our inward journey, the intuitive self. If we look at the energy of a full moon there is a natural magnetic pull toward that full moon. We could interpret that in a meaningful way as a time of being drawn toward ourselves or drawn inward. Is that a good thing or bad? That is for the individual to decide, for each of us have our own very personal relationship within the many aspects of our lives.

Blue Moon Full Moon Meditation

Another way to look at this blue moon cycle, and any full moon, is with the alignment. This blue moon meditation is both symbolic and scientific.

Walk outside during the full moon and turn to the moon for a moment. What you see is an alignment of the moon with the earth, or the relationship between the moon and the earth.

Go a step bigger, and bring into your thoughts an even bigger relationship, that being the relationship between the moon, earth, and the sun. There you stand, one simple person facing the full moon, facing the earth in its full brightness. The moon itself is doing nothing other than reflecting toward the earth the light of the sun. And so, there you stand, looking at this moon reflecting  light toward you, not necessarily realizing that the light you see is behind you while you’re looking at its reflection in the moon.

Isn’t that the way it goes? We don’t always realize what “stands behind us all the way”. We stand there within our own darkness, seeing something that appears in a certain way. Yet when we step back and look at the bigger picture we see that the full moon, and the blue moon, is not necessarily what it appears to be. The full moon in this blue moon month is simply a reflection of something bigger, brighter, something consistently there every moment of every day.

Join us tomorrow for Blue Moon Meditation, when we’ll turn this lunar event into an intuitive, healing moment that can last until the next full moon in this blue moon cycle.

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