Summer Solstice Intuitive Transitions

Summer solstice is here, the time of year when the light of day is longest, reaching its peak after a six month climb from the darkest day of winter solstice. Many cultures have the solstice days noted in their calendars, and it is no wonder, for this is a very prominent sign of the ever-changing world on which we live.

Historical Thoughts on Summer Solstice

Astrologically this day marks the point when the sun is at its highest. Historically we find rituals. The poet Naogeorgus spoke of this celebration, stating that on midsummer eve a wheel would be covered with straw and carried to the top of a mountain. There it would be lit on fire and rolled down the mountain, appearing at a distance as though the sun was falling from the sky. With this ritual the people could imagine that all of their bad luck rolls away from them.

In other cultures the solstice was a time for gathering in merriment around a large fire. Around and over the fire they would dance and play merry games. Was it the solstice that gave birth to the name ‘bonfire’, a shortened name from bonefire because these fires were typically made from bones? It was argued that the name bonfire was based on the word boon, which meant ‘blessing‘.

This celebration was also known as the St. John fires, showing the markings of Christianity overlaying the old world rituals. These sacred fires would begin at midnight, the very moment of the solstice. This ancient ritual was observed for the prosperity of the people and their state, and as a means to release every kind of evil.

The June solstice was in earlier times the start of the year, the ‘Feu de Me’. The name June meant junior or youngest, following the month of May which meant major or ancient. During these times the people would make vows and sacrifices for the prosperity of the people as well as the prosperity or fruits of the earth.

Turning Summer Solstice Intuitively Inward

Since those early days many things have changed, including the calendar and our interpretation of what begins our year. Nearly every point in history in most places around the world have had their solstice celebrations, each with their own interpretations and practices, mostly based on the beliefs and acts of that time. Many customs have been long been suppressed under the names of superstition or pagan ritual., though we still continue some practices without understanding their original meaning.

Welcome to the Summer Solstice. Today is a day of celebration, whether it be a dance around the bonfire or the family barbeque, celebrating the onset of a new year of light. How do we turn this into a healing, intuitive event? We could follow the beliefs of days gone by, and take the opportunity to release our “bad luck” or karma. Our tendency is to hold on, to the point of forgetting how much we hold our breath, tighten our grip, and carry our burdens.

What else can we do on this solstice day?  Take in the light, both physically and intuitively. Share the light with others in a joyful welcoming way. The greatest path to healing and spiritual growth is through our happiness, being in the moment. Have a fabulous summer solstice day.

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