Seeing Is Believing – Vision Boards as a Planning Tool

What is a vision board? It’s simply a visual expression of whatever it is you want to create. A vision board can be used for both personal creative planning or business planning, and the great part about it is that everyone can see the goals. Why a vision board? It gives you a visual view of what’s going on in your heart and your mind, two areas that don’t always work together.

vision boardVision Boards
as a Planning Tool

How do you create a vision board? Simple. You select images that reflect your ultimate goal, and you include images of the steps that you will take to get there. In my version of a vision board you also want to include pictures of how others will participate in your “vision”, including how much fun you will have each step of the way. You can combine photos, images clipped out of magazines, or hand-drawn images.

Include the Fun Stuff

Why add the fun stuff? Simple – no one wants only hard work and sacrifice. Think of your personal, professional and family life as members of your intuitive team. If you include your team in both the work and the victory then everyone will feel more a part of the team. This isn’t just a teamwork idea either, because the same idea applies to you. When you’re all work and no play there is a greater chance that your heart and soul will not be there.

Get Multi Dimensional

A vision board gets you out of the two dimensional world of “what you want and how to get there” and turn those steps to success into many individual successes. Remember, it’s not just the destination, it’s the journey.  Vision boards are a great tool that can bring to the surface the intuitive meaning of your direction, purpose and desires so that  you can map out the steps to take along the way.

Seeing Is Believing

Find ways to include the little victories, the enjoyment of the process, the passion, and all the other stories that fit within your dream. Don’t just dream, dream big. A vision board will help you create it.

Seeing Is Believing – Vision Boards as a Planning Tool © 2011-2012 Kavi Saphala. About the author: “I love the fun aspects of life, and my dream is to integrate fun into everything we do. Life isn’t all about challenges, its about living and learning each step along the way”. Make every moment count, give life a stronger Intuitive Meaning.

Vision board example found on Wikipedia under PD license.

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