Loving Luna, Every Womans Friend

Intuitive and author Estee Taschereau recently shared with me a meditation for the full moon. Anyone can use this meditation technique that uses of the power of the moon, aka Luna, every woman’s friend.

“I woke up in the middle of the night, at the time when the moon was drifting past my bedroom window, shining brightly through the slates of the blinds. I felt the influence of the moon, whether it be spiritual or magnetic, and allowed myself to open my chakras and release any trapped or stagnant emotional energies out into my auric field, in front of me. Then I reached out, unzipped this layer of energy, and stepped out from it, feeling free. All of this took place in less than a minute, but what a great release!”

How’s this for a meaningful moon meditation?

Full Moons and Meditation

luna full moon meaningFull moons are amazing times, and many practices have taken place in ancient times that involved the full moon. This old practice was found in an old article over 100 years ago, with no indication of its origin. Mark your calendar, and gather up your supplies for an interesting old harvest moon, and a night of Divination.

When you go to bed, place under your pillow a prayer-book, opened at the part of the matrimonial service. “With this ring, I thee wed”. Place on it a key, a flow, a ring, and a sprig of willow. Add a small heart-cake and a crust of bread. Add the following cards: the ten of clubs, nine of hearts, ace of spades, and the ace of diamonds. Wrap up all of these items in a thin cloth of gauze or muslin. When getting into bed cross your hands over your heart and recite the following poem:

“Luna, every woman’s friend, to me thy goodness condescends; let me this night in visions see emblems of my destiny”.

The harvest moon comes once a year near the autumn equinox, falling in October every four years. This moon appears bigger than most other full moons. The Harvest Moon is also known as the Wine Moon, the Singing Moon and the Elk Call Moon.

Many other rituals, prayers or intents are known to be set during a full moon. Gemstones can be set outside during a full moon to cleanse the stones of negative energies. Hospitals report a higher attendance during full moons, an event attributed to lunacy, named after luna – the moon.

Gardening by Moon Light

No, it’s not about heading outdoors and pulling weeds by the light of the moon. Everything in it’s time and place!  Did you know that you can plan your gardening activities around the moon cycles to maximize your  efforts? Planting and harvesting should also take in account the cycles of the moon as the waxing and waning of the moon dictate how much energy is in the leaves traveling upward, and how much is down in the root system. Get the most from your garden with Luna, every woman’s friend!

Loving Luna, Every Womans Friend. About the author: Ava Saadi shares years of studies in metaphysical practices from around the world.

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