Intuitive Meaning of the Transit of Venus

On Tuesday, June 5th, 2012, the planet Venus will take a rare journey across the face of the sun. This celestial event will not occur again for over 100 years, making this Venus event a “once in a lifetime”. This crossing of paths is known as the Transit of Venus. The passage will take six hours and 40 minutes, and can be seen from the western Pacific, eastern Asia and eastern Australia.

Venus – Intuitively Speaking

transit of venus photo from nasa.govVenus is associated with femininity, and has been known as such since early Greek times with teachings of the gods and goddesses an the famous sculpture ‪Venus de Milo‬. In greek times Venus de Milo was none other than Aphrodite, famed as the Greek goddess of love and beauty. The Venus de Milo statue can be viewed at the Louvre museum in Paris. Standing near Venus de Milo was a highlight within my own life in a trip to Paris many years ago.

Author John Gray rekindled our interest in this ancient deity in its relationship to our male – female interactions with his book Women are from Venus, Men are from Mars. John’s teachings have helped us in our quest to bridge the gap in communication in relationships.

We can expect many star gazers will watch this rare event. Eclipse glasses must be worn to avoid eye damage.

The Intuitive Meaning of Venus and the Sun

Just about everything in life can act as a vessel for intuitive meaning. What about this astrological rarity? Let’s delve into a few perspectives of the transit of Venus:

It’s all about relationships: We think it takes two to tango, but in reality there are three players in this celestial event when Venus crosses the Sun. Let’s not forget the all important third party, in our case the first party. It is our position in this event. Venus naturally revolves around the sun, and isn’t doing anything different than the last several million years. This is not about Venus, it is not about the Sun, it is about an event relationship that only means something to us. Does this make it any less? No, we cannot and should not diminish our intuitive meaning.

Venus, Aphrodite, Goddesses and more: We’re fascinated by the divine feminine, and for good reason. The divine feminine, and the many stories of Venus, Aphrodite, are the remnants of times when the feminine was indeed seen as a life-giver, something divine. Add to this the teachings of our beloved eastern goddesses such as Tara, Lakshmi, and Kuan Yin, and we see the story of divine presence. Divinity does not revolve around the pain we endure, as some religious stories have lead us to believe. Divinity, the divine feminine, and a captivating presence are all things we have have here and now. This event, the transit of Venus, let’s call it a resetting of the clock, a chance to begin a new era of divinity.

Ready to watch the transit of Venus? You can view the Transit of Venus online at Another viewing portal is at the NASA website dedicated to the Transit of Venus.

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