The Intuitive Path To Enlightenment

Some will say these days are the days of enlightenment. If we look around we see that this is so, yet we see the total opposite. What is enlightenment? Is it a switch that suddenly “comes on”, do we reach a certain level when we are “there” and now we’ve reached the status of the enlightened one’s?  Or is enlightenment a form of life, just like our breath and our thoughts, always moving forward to the next and never lingering in the same place for every long?

What Is Enlightenment?

What is Enlightenment? This word is far from new. Back in the 17th and 18th centuries there was actually a lot of emphasis placed on enlightenment with the help of authors such as Voltaire, Kant, Rousseau, and Adam Smith. Attention began to turn away from tradition and more toward thoughtful awareness, reasoning, and individualism.

Enlightenment and Buddha

To be enlightened is to have achieved a certain state of spiritual insight and knowledge. In Buddhism enlightenment means the awareness that frees a person from karma and the cycle of rebirth.

In Hinduism the state of enlightenment was represented by Vishnu, believed to be the goal found in divine experience and transcendence.

In the words of Lao-Tzu, “It is wisdom to know others; It is enlightenment to know one’s self.”

What is Enlightenment Today?

enlightenmentThe word enlightenment is known to us, but it’s not such a commonly used word these days. With our great information age with our smart phones and such we think we have a handle on knowing, but is that true? Bu definition enlightenment is not something that can be found in a book, and it is not a mathematical equation. It has nothing to do with how quickly a webpage will load or how many books you can fit on your kindle.

The Intuitive Path To Enlightenment

To enlighten means to illuminate, and oftentimes the spirit or soul is perceived as light, whereas ignorance, hate, and denial are seen as the darkness. We can also say enlightenment is awareness, and wherever our attention goes our energy flows. How do we find enlightenment? There are steps that we can take, but there are no steps whatsoever. We can practice meditation, turn to yoga, and follow certain rituals and methods but these are not the key, you are the key.

Enlightenment comes as we turn inward, stepping beyond the mind, our thoughts, and our expectations. It is making room for the one part of us that has nothing to prove, but plenty to say. We turn inward to find something that cannot be detected by the physical senses, something that will not play by the rules of our ego or our emotions.

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