Getting the Meaning Write Right?

When it comes down to expressing an idea about intuitive meaning, writing about metaphysical or spiritual topics can be a challenge.  Let’s face it, with anything we do in life we really have to bring the point home.  Sure, the topic can be interesting, but the reader will always face the same question no matter what the topic:  how does this relate to me?   The information has to be presented in a way that we can reach it without use of a ladder – it has to be down to earth.

Getting Down To The Heart and Soul

This appears to be an oxymoron, talking about something spiritual that is down to earth.  Universal sounds great, but heart and soul, that’s what really matters, that’s where we find our intuitive meaning.

intuitive meaningSo then why does intuition and intuitive meaning have to sound so “out there”? It’s something we have to do, working through those steps to take an intuitive insight and translate it from its visionary origin into the density of the physical world.

Getting the Meaning Right, Write?

There is always an exchange going on between our spiritual levels and our physical world.  How many times do we look at an event that we don’t understand and search for some intuitive meaning?

Life is not about one-way roads, with the object of the game to see how spiritual you can make yourself, or to prove any of our spiritual concepts.  It’s also not about being 100% physical with no vision, soul or purpose to inspire bettering yourself. Life is about living in the middle, using both our spiritual and physical presence as a space for consciousness to exist.

Turning Ideas Into Words, Getting the Meaning Write, Right?

When I started this posting, somewhere between 2 and 3 am one Thanksgiving morning, my intent started with a little spelling game.  We talk about Thanksgiving as a time to grateful, and that’s all so nice, but where does that leave us?  Let’s be realistic: we want to fill ourselves up on more than just mashed potatoes and turkey.

So let’s go for it – let’s turn the words around in a way that will quench our thirst and fill our spiritual belly.  Right? Write? How about Wright, letting ideas take flight like the early days of manned flights.

How about another play of words and spin it in a different season, when we least expect it. For whatever is left in this year let’s be Great-Full.  When we give thanks for all the wonderful things we are grateful for let’s springboard it to a new level.  Let’s start by adding extra value to our thoughts of appreciation.

Great-Full – Getting Down To The Intuitive Meaning

If we talk about gratitude doesn’t it have more meaning when it comes from our heart and soul?  Make it count, put everything you have into it.  Start by being “Great”, appreciating yourself, the origin of that thought of gratitude for everything around you.  Be “Full”, so full of yourself that you can’t help but overflow it into your world.  Throw away the ideas that say it’s boastful or selfish to feel good about yourself.   The truth is – you can only give to others what you have, and if you don’t have appreciation for yourself how can you ever honestly appreciate others.

Getting the meaning right – it’s funny the way our language can be twisted around to build new meanings just by spelling something wrong.  But silly little things that make us think are the bridge to finding our own truth.  Write or wrong doesn’t matter, its the (conscious) thought that counts.

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