Feng Shui: Are Dried Flowers Bad Luck?

Could it be bad luck or negative energy to have dried flowers as a decoration in your home? It depends who you talk to: in the ancient art of feng shui. it is not advised that you decorate with any dried flowers.

dried flowers feng shuiAre Dried Flowers Bad Luck?

What could make dried flowers such an undesirable object? Flowers are certainly not unlucky or negative in any way. But life honors life. We are beginning to see how moving forward in life with a lighter load serves us. We know how healing it is “letting go”, and how consuming it can be to hold on to the past. Could there be some parallel between dried flowers and our spiritual well-being?  Let’s consider some of the concepts of Feng Shui:

  • One consideration is the difficulty in cleaning dried flowers. They can be major dust collectors, but so can silk or plastic flowers. Still, it is more difficult to clean dried flowers.
  • Live flowers have so much more .. life! Just remember to change the water, if needed, and replace the flowers often. Speaking of water, life and water co-exist. Our body holds more water than any other substance, and we die quickly when deprived of water. Dried flowers of void of much of the water that carried their live throughout the roots, leaves and petals.

What have we done so far in this article? We have talked about paying attention to our environment, or being conscious. We have also talked about creating change, and that can come about through our cleansing and clearing. Water is a most healing tool, a carrier of life.

Creating a Holistic Healthy Environment

Do you choose dried flowers, or live flowers? In the end you really have to go with your own feelings, and trust in yourself. It is important that your home or office space be uncluttered and clean, that will be a big influence in the energy of your space as well.

Feng Shui, Flowers, and the Soul

Let’s talk this topic a little bit further. No matter what you choose to have in your external environment will be a reflection of your internal feeling. You may love the cozy, full look, and it may fill your heart with warmth. That same cozy, crowded space may be your hiding space, or a reflection of your internal energy system: cluttered with old thoughts and energies.

To create a warm, receptive, inviting space is to be conscious and receptive to your own being. Flowers are only one of the ways you can demonstrate and celebrate your relationship to life. Live it, love it, share it with others. Flowers and Feng Shui – a symbol of beauty, life and the soul.

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