Divination: Ancient Art Reading the Signs

Divination is the science of using objects, like a pendulum, to predict future events. This science, or art, was used throughout the milleniums with great attention, especially by the Chaldeans, a group of Babylonians around 6 BC. Its use spans the world and cultures dating further back than the Chaldeans times. Just as these tools had become a trusted method they were challenged as well, especially by those who wanted power over the people.

Divination – Reading the Signs

tarot divinationFrom the natural curiosity of mankind to dive into futurity, divination has more or less prevailed in every age. However many have questioned this practice as well, using sticks or stones, or reading the signs of nature to conjecture or surmise the signs concerning future events, from something supposed to presage them.

Many think of divination as reading Tarot or dowsing. Those two are the best known forms of divination. There have been many other divination practices, such as:

Aeromancy, divining by the state of the atmosphere.

Astrology: divining by the stars.

Horoscopy: or observing the position of the heavens at the time of a person’s birth.

Eydromancy: divining by water.

Pyromancy: divining by fire.

Geomancy: divining by cracks or clefts in the earth.

Cheiromancy: by the lines in the hands.

Uaruxpicy: by inspecting the bowels of animals.

Augury: by observing the flight and singing of birds.

Rods, arrows, and cups were used for divining. There are many biblical references such as Ezek. xxi. 21, 22; Hos. iv. 12; Gen. xliv. 5.

Divination – Finding Intuitive Meaning

We’ve turned in so many directions in our past in culture and society.  Over time we’ve grown, learned, yet the question can still be asked: how much do we look outside ourselves for answers?

We’ve created many tools to weigh and measure the world around us. Intuitively speaking, the answers that drive us and guide us cannot be measured. Finding our intuitive meaning takes a combination of awareness, interest, passion, desire, and of course discretion: deciding what we will accept as our own truth.

Divination: Ancient Art Reading the Signs © 2009-2012 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava Saadi shares years of studies in metaphysical practices from around the world.

References made to A Biblical and theological dictionary, by Samuel M. Green – Bible – 1867

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