Community Changed by a Buddha

Can a community be changed for the better by something as simple as a Buddha? There has been ongoing debate and a growing acceptance of the power of prayer. Whether it’s Jesus based prayer, or Buddha based, these steps toward a more sacred environment and situation have had an effect on individuals, communities, even cities.

A story broke years ago in Washington D.C. when a large group organized for chanting, a form of prayer. Though laughed at by law enforcement in the beginning, something strange occured. The number of murders that year dropped by double digits. Guess who changed their mind about these chanting events?

The Healing Effect of Prayer

community buddhaThe effect of prayer on individuals in times of trouble or medical distress cannot be measured in our conventional way. Still, health care providers, at least open-minded individuals, agree that they have seen cases with greater recovery when prayer, Reiki energy healing, and other meta-physical methods were used in addition to traditional medical treatment. Is energy healing and prayer a substitute or replacement for physical trauma support? Not at all, it’s symbiotic, or complimentary. Take it a step further, when we combine efforts we are now working as a team. It’s been said before, “Where two or more are gathered, there I shall be”. Point taken, and shown to be true.

Community Changed by a Buddha

Now a story appears that is not “new news” but a report on a community shift that’s more than a decade in the making. In a neighborhood that had once been filled with trash and graffiti one couple took a major chance: they added a little Buddha energy. Within a publicly shared part of the neighborhood they placed a Buddha statue, cleaning up the area. Over time the neighborhood has come to appreciate this Buddha, sharing gifts of flowers and such. It’s reported that there is no more trash, nor graffiti.

Then enters the “Anti-Buddha”

The city deemed this neighborhood shrine to be a public risk. A neighborhood once in a state of waste and public disrespect now has banded together to fight the city.

We, The People and the Buddha

What if we did the same, turning an otherwise litter-filled and distasteful area in our neighborhood into a sacred space. Could this bring together otherwise separated neighbors? Could we drop crime rates, end litter and graffiti? I say we give it a try. What better way to spend our time, building our community or watching TV? This is our country and our community, and it’s high time that We The People step up.

Community Changed by a Buddha © 2012 Estee Taschereau.

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