Animals Respond to Reiki Healing Energy

Do animals respond to energy healing, like Reiki healing energy? There is no question about it, animals do not follow our human beliefs. There is no such thing as imagining symptoms, and there is no placebo effect. The healing either works, or it doesn’t.

Reiki healing is one of the many modalities or teachings of energy healing. This simple holistic energy healing technique originated in Japan, discovered by a monk named Usui in the late 18th century. The concepts taught include the Reiki healer acting as a conduit for the universal healing energy, rather than depleting the healer.

Every Reiki student follows a simple belief:

The Five Principles of Reiki

Just for today, do not worry
Just for today, do not anger
Honor your parents, teachers, elders
Earn your living honestly
Show gratitude to every living thing

What Reiki Healing Energy Is All About

When we are in pain, or we are in a state of disharmony, we tend to withdraw from our world. This behavior is seen more clearly in animals than in people. Because of this “rule of nature” it is difficult sometimes to know that there is anything “out of sorts” with our animal companions.

Reiki healing involves flowing the Reiki energy to the recipient of the healing. This energy is not forced, it is offered. There is no such thing as a Reiki overdose, because we will only accept as much as we can use.

Healing Animals with Reiki

When an animal is given a Reiki energy healing they can respond in many ways. Some animals will turn and look at you, as if to say, “What are you doing?” Others will relax immediately, even close their eyes and drift into sleep. Others will scamper away quickly, receiving what they need and then going along their merry little way.

One of the best examples of Reiki healing I like to share is the Jack Russell Terrier who’s healing lasted only seconds, and we all thought there was nothing gained. The next day the owner stated that their dog slept in the most restful position they had seen in months, and they asked me what I had done that had such a dramatic affect. Simple, just Reiki energy healing, and this lovely hyperactive dog received all she needed in a flash.

Since Reiki healing is a no-touch style of healing, meaning that there is not a physical connection made between healer and recipient, it is easy to give Reiki healings to animals.

Animals Respond to Reiki Healing Energy. About the Author:  Estee Taschereau is an Energy Healer and gifted Psychic consultant, helping both people and animals move past their blocks and limitations into a more harmonious, creative space. Private sessions are offered by phone, with in person sessions and events available in Las Vegas, NV, Washington and Oregon.

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