Solar Eclipse May 2012 Intuitively Speaking

May 20th, 2012 brings us the first solar eclipse of 2012. For most of us this is child’s play, I remember making cardboard devices that would let me look at the solar eclipse without harming my eyesight. In earlier times the solar eclipse was taken much more seriously, as an omen or sign that the gods were displeased. “Oh great one, bring back the light”, and soon enough the light would be restored.

The Intuitive Meaning of Eclipse

solar eclipse may 2012 intuitive meaningYes, we are educated and not so strongly affected by superstition, but there is something magical about our celestial events. The full moon is always something worth viewing, especially this most recent Parigee super moon. What about the solar eclipse?  Many gather to see such an event.

As far as the intuitive meaning or intuitive nature of the solar eclipse, this is a great opportunity for self healing and “resetting the clock”, letting that brief time of diminished light inspire a new inner sunrise. Disruption is always an attention getting, for it is far too easy for us to slip into an unconscious state and forget that those things around us will not necessarily always be around.

What about resetting your perspective on your relationships, or your career. A solar eclipse is a good time to re-center yourself and set into motion a re-evaluation, or even better a re-valuation! Look around, see what is in your world that you’ve taken for granted, and have that brief moment of appreciation. Don’t worry, it will be over soon enough!!

How Long Does This Solar Eclipse Last?

This upcoming solar eclipse will last only 5 seconds according to authorities. The solar eclipse last years was over 11 seconds long, and that duration will not be seen for another 1000 years to come. Is this too short of a time to have a thought-ful meditation or reflective moment? Not at all, after all they do say “a picture is worth a thousand words”. Intuitively speaking there is a lot that can be accomplished in a few precious moments.

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