Sacred Sage for Healing and Smudging

People have used sacred sage for hundreds of years for a very good reason. Not only does it have all kinds of healing properties but it is also a way to cleanse and purify an area. For hundreds of years the native tribal people have used sage to not only to cleanse their lands but also on the people involved in a ceremony. Science has also discovered that there are antibiotic agents like poly phenol in sage. Some people will boil the leaves and drink it as a tea. Some folk have claimed that the smoke from smudging can help with sinus congestion and migraine headaches.

Sage Smudging and Healing

Humans have been gifted some amazing plants to be used in the healing process. Sacred Sage smudging can help someone who is suffering from anger, negative energy and depression. Just the physical act of this ceremony can actually help many people who want the connection. Of course there are always others who will say there is no proof that smudging does anything and medication is far better. For some people the physical act of healing and performing a ceremony has been done for thousands of years. If it does work, who has the right to say differently to someone’s choice of healing?

There are a lot of people who prefer to use the white sage over the desert sage. Some say the smell is less pungent. This may be true, but if you are going to use sage for spiritual ceremonies shouldn’t it be the traditional kind for the sacred value alone? Shouldn’t we use the native desert sage instead of sacred sage grown from a nursery? The tribal people only used sacred sage that grew in their lands.

The Sacred Side to White Sage Smudging

We really should consider the sacred factor as well because of the true value with the purification ceremonies. Many native Americans have sacred lands which they revere to this day. The trees, plants, grasses and animals that grow in these lands are regarded as sacred too. The belief is, the sacred sage used in ceremonies is blessed and therefore has a stronger healing and purification effect. The ceremony then becomes more powerful too.

There are lands in southern Colorado which are deemed sacred to the Navajo, Ute, Apache,Comanche and Pueblo Indians. The mountain in the valley, is called White Shell Mountain or Tsisnaasjini’. To the Navajo people this is their sacred mountain of the East. Much of the sage and cypress that grows here in the valley is still handpicked. Many native American cultures believe the San Luis Valley is the source of life where humans and spirit enter and leave this world. With this in mind it seems to make better sense to use sage which is blessed and handpicked in what is still deemed as sacred lands. This is something to strongly consider the next time you wish to use sacred sage.

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