Reiki Healing Environmentally Friendly Techniques

Reiki healing is all about balance, symbiotic relationships, and living intuitively in an environmentally friendly way on all levels. In order to find balance in our lives, we must quit our need to be successful, to win, to come out on top, to create our fortune, to “have it all”, and instead we must look within. What we are experiencing with our external surroundings, in the events, encounters, as well as relationships of our lives, is always a reflection of what’s happening within us. Reiki healing can help create that inner balance.

The Philosophy of Reiki Healing

It’s a reflection of exactly how near to or far from center we’re in any moment. At center, we’re fully in-line. We are aligned on the vertical axis, together with the Higher Self, the I AM PRESENCE.

reiki healingAs every thing is continually in motion, balance is a very relative term. We are continually changing and correcting, honing and fine-tuning. As we see in your body, the thought of homeostasis, where we keep a fairly stable and also consistent situation, is only possible due to multiple systems consistently controlling and adjusting to external and internal variables, just like temperature and also wetness.

To be in balance doesn’t mean we’re static; quite the contrary, it’s an ever-changing, fluid process of checking in, listening to what is, and adjusting accordingly to what we discover. We aren’t seeking or looking for balance; we’re continually producing it, in relation to where we are in almost any given moment. Reiki healing is focused on creating harmony without forcing or controlling.

So what exactly is it that throws us out of whack? If it is our natural state, the only thing that can upset that delicate situation of balance is motion, in one form or another, what is known Karma. Within every single action are the seeds of its effect. Action solely means setting power into action.

Although many of us may first imagine some thing overt once we think of getting an action, such as choosing a glass, or writing a letter; an action can take the form of something as subtle as a thought, or a few words. Reiki healing gives us the opportunity to combine thought with action to achieve livable wellness.

Reiki Healing Environmentally Friendly Techniques by Mose Lundstrom. About the Author: Every motion begins as a thought, so even that thought or those mere words function as catalysts that set in motion changes, chains of events we might never have imagined. Reiki Healing.

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