Holistic Recovery Through A Theta Healer

The first human reaction to dilemmas of the psyche, body or the senses is to go to a conventional doctor. Overlooked are alternative healing practices, mainly due to habit. Overall personal wellness can be sped up by altering the mindset of a person and by following practices that have already been set in motion for hundreds of years such as alternative healing therapy. A Theta healer wholly enriches an individual through the altering of their subconscious mind, as long as that individual allows themselves to connect to the universe.

What is a Theta Healer?

This system has gained a large audience in many countries and has been consistent for almost two decades. More than ninety percent of people survive on autopilot due to the subconscious driving the body, so this method targets where it is needed most. Chi or qi is the name by which the Chinese call it and in India it is called prana but they all are based on the concept of energy healing therapy.

Understanding the Theta Vibration

The brain normally operates in the beta wave state, during consciousness. When the mind and body is in a deep sleep, specifically REM (Rapid Eye Movement), and when dreaming, the theta brainwave occurs. This method is very similar to the concept of hypnosis but it works on root problems or causes. When in this dream state, direct subconscious healing then takes place.

This technique focuses on prayer and meditation. When a client is asked about an issue in their life, their muscles tense up. The practitioner will then enter a meditative state and using the technique of prayer, ask the higher power to make a change in the person.

Potential clients need not follow a specific denomination or have any faith at all to engage in this technique. All that is needed is to release the limitations in the mind and accept that there is a universal power. Healing does not have to occur in close proximity either; it can be implemented from afar over the telephone or even the Internet nowadays.

How Deep Can We Go With Theta Healing?

Ultimately it deals with the reprogramming of the subconscious. The subconscious has over the years been influenced by personal experiences, genetics, past lives and beliefs. When the mind, body and soul connects with the inner self and allows the self to open up, unconscious healing takes place.

This technique is taught to anyone who wants to learn. The belief in a universal creator and ridding oneself of limiting beliefs allows an individual to heal and be healed. Becoming a Theta healer means to receive and give the gifts of love, health, wealth and happiness.

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