Does Positive Thinking Really Heal The Body?

When you were a young child, “you are what you think” might have been expressed to you from a friend or family member in a different way such as- “smile, it’s easier than a frown”, “it’s all about your attitude”, “stay positive and you can get through it”…our parents, peers, and family members want us to be happy, it’s what makes us healthier, but how do we achieve a rosy outlook on life in a world that actually promotes the fear, anger, and dark side of peoples lives? Just sit down and watch the news it you don’t believe me.

One Simple Exercise for Accepting and Healing

The challenge given to the men and women in this research study was to look in the mirror neck up for 5 minutes everyday and name at least one thing they loved, they did this for a week then lowered the mirror to the chest, adding two things they liked about themselves. Each week the mirror was lowered and the amount of things a person had to name that they liked went up. “Sometimes the only thing I could find was a small freckle, Sarah said. But after about three months not only was I noticing small freckles but the curve of my smile”.

These little things might not seem like a big deal to main stream society but to someone who has burns over 70 percent of their body, if they can find the beauty in their smile, their eyes, or even be able to find a freckle that remains on skin unaffected by a burn, what joy this person feels; it also helps the person feel healthier recover from some illness quicker.

The study showed that after five months doing this study over 50 percent of the men and women when they look in the mirror think of their bodies as whole, free from illness, every time they looked in the mirror. Why? “Because the study subjects learned to focus on the positive parts of their body”, claims researcher Dr Gill Windle, lead researcher at Bangor University.

Most people recognize that people with chronic pain have good days and bad days but with the thought process pain control can be almost unlimited without the use of medications.

Does Positive Thinking Really Heal The Body?

It comes down to choice- you can believe in positive thinking and directing the brilliant power of one’s mind and subconscious to produce a life of health or you can be a skeptic, negative person, whose health may or may not improve with this kind of thinking. What will you choose?

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