Enlightenment: Listening to the Voice Inside Your Heart

Indigenous people were naturally more heightened in the feeling of enlightenment. Not only did indigenous individuals use their perception of taste to find foods that may be poisonous, additionally they took the time to honor and encounter the delicate flavors inside the food. A heightened perception of taste within each mouthful. Our sense of taste will help us to become conscious of what vegetation not to consume, and improve our overall awareness. For example, generally most of the poisonous vegetation often taste bitter.

Enlightenment – starting with the senses

The way in which to heighten your sense of flavour would be to firstly place your consciousness and attention on your delicate flavors already within your mouth. Perhaps you can taste delicate flavors from your last night’s supper. Or perhaps you are able to sense the remnants of all the flavors left over from breakfast. First of all just place your focus and awareness on your flavors currently inside your mouth.

If you can’t detect any delicate flavors within your mouth, find some thing inside nature that you are drawn to that you know is safe and will not poison you to taste. Maybe this is some bark, or perhaps a lifeless leaf or maybe even to lick a stone. Whatever the component is, merely put a small bit of it within your mouth and begin to start to be aware of the tastes.

In order to heighten your sense of enlightenment it will help to close your eyes to ensure that your primary sense, the sense of vision is turned off. This allows you to have much more attention to put onto your perception of flavour.

Next notice how the taste tastes on the left part of your tongue. And the way this tastes different towards the flavour on your right of your tongue. Similarly with the front of one’s tongue. Along with the back part of one’s tongue. Likewise notice how the flavour underneath your tongue tastes different to the tastes on all of the other parts of your tongue.

While you are being using the flavour inside your mouth, you are able to naturally flow in between every part of one’s tongue that you are sensing drawn to tasting. Becoming conscious of how each component of your tongue is tasting the taste inside your mouth. Like a dance, dancing from one component of one’s tongue to the upcoming one. Being with the flavour inside every of these components of your tongue.

Just after you have been with the flavour, you are able to then visit yet another element you know is not toxic and is drawing you to taste it and do exactly the same exercise. Being with all of the different tastes around your tongue. The small nuances of the tastes inside your mouth.

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