Change of the Season Change in Life

story of the sun and the moonWe all want change, but how much do we appreciate that we can create our own change? Moving forward, how much faith do we have in the steps we take, or the formation of those pieces we build as they form the “bigger picture”. Are there rules to the game as to how clear our vision must be, or how quickly our dream must come true? Are their dividing lines to cross, or quotas to reach that tell us whether or not our intention was strong enough to carry us across the finish line?

These questions are great ones to ask, but is there a stock answer that solves the issue of our doubts and impatience? Perhaps we’re looking in the wrong direction to find our answer. What if we turned to nature and the change of the season to see how dramatically change does happen, whether we see it or not.

Change of the Season

The spring equinox approaches with the change of the season with no visible “ta-da” change, but the change happens nonetheless. What does this mean? It means that our intentions are given just as much of a chance to form, grow, change, build, and morph into something recognizable but new.

What does this mean: recognizable but new?

There’s a movie called What the Bleep, and in one scene they talk about the Spanish ships arriving along the coastlines of the americas, but the ships could not be seen by the natives. Why? Because such a sight did not exist in their world, and it was difficult for their brain to translate the image from the visual cortex to conscious awareness.

How much of what we see do we perceive? There are calculations to be found, but how is it possible to measure the complexity and integration of the mind, especially when we bring our meta-consciousness into the picture.

Nature Has It’s Act Together

Nature does what it does with no thought to how long it takes or whether or not it’s “a good idea”. Nature simply moves in the direction that makes the most sense, following the alignment of the planet to the sun. This very cyclical pattern falls right in place with the waxing and waning, the ebb and the flow, and so many other cycles that take place in this world.

Who are we then to do things differently? Conditions are as they are, and we adjust our course to be in flow and harmony, changing in a way that preserves the ground we stand on but gives us our next step in a way that we can live with. We’re incremental, but we’re flowing, following the course set by the world around us, the change of the seasons, and our own inner guidance.

Change of Season Change of Life

Spring Equinox – As we travel on we leave behind the winter months, though we may be reminded every now and then. We leave everything behind at some point or another, yet we hold within our memory those fragments of where we were. When we mix it all together, the steps forward, the change of the season, and the memories we hold dear, it makes this world one great adventure that transcends time and space.

Change of the Season Change in Life © 2012 Estee Taschereau.

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