The Scale of Olympos and Healing With Sound

Healing with sound, is it real, or is sound and music simply something to get our attention or entertain us? Music has not always been what we know today, and will likely someday evolve from what we recognize as our musical scale. Looking back in time we can find many scales, such as the scale of Olympos, a simple 5 tone scale that dates back to ancient Greek times.

Music is Controlled Frequencies

The musical scale used these days has 12 tones repeated in groups known as octaves. Going up the scale each octave doubles in its frequency. For example, the note A is 440Hz, and in the next octave that same tone is 880Hz. Go further up to the next instance of A and you’ll have the frequency of 1760Hz.

The study of the effects of sound and music on the physical and subtle bodies goes back nearly to the point of sound itself. It is true, sound is one of our five senses, and a sound can provoke emotional response. For every note we have a frequency, and yet we do not stop there. Each instrument can play one or more notes at any given time. Collect the many sounds produced by many instruments playing together and add yet another use of frequency known as time or tempo, and one song can bombard us with a wealth of stimuli.

Do we ever give thought to the effect of sound on our consciousness when we drive around town with our favorite tunes playing, or listen to our collection on our ipods and smart phones?

The Influence of Sound on Body Mind and Spirit

Sound influences, there is no question about it. Many have used sound, consciously or without thinking about it, to promote change, inspire, and promote health. We’ve even used sound to help us learn with greater ease. The musical scale we use today, one you can clearly see in the keys of a piano, is only one of many scales used throughout history. Could we reawaken a part of our consciousness as we bring the melodic tones of ancient scales, such as the scale of Olympos, back into our sensory perceptions?

ReAwakening through Sound

Can sound reawaken a part of us, a sense of self long forgotten? Those who have practiced the art of shifting consciousness either through meditation or a change of surroundings and pace know that a new perspective can be gained through this shift. What aspect of ourselves can be reawakened, what level of healing can we promote by reintroducing a melodic scale that was nearly lost back into our sensory system?

Ancient Greek Tones – The Scale of Olympos

The Scale of Olympos, this simple 5 tone scale that was the earliest recorded scale introduced by the musician Olympos. But the first historic fact we have is that the early Greek scale was only four notes long. With the strings of the lyre being tuned to these four tones, the whole scale was termed a “tetrachord.” Different tetrachords appear to have been used by different branches of the Greek race, and thus to have acquired the appellations ” Dorian,” “Phrygian,” and ” Lydian.”

Can Lost Sounds Lead Us to A New Depth of Healing?

The scale of Olympos cannot be played on the piano, but they can be reproduced. A windchime enthusiast created a finely-tuned wind chime that produces the sounds of the scale of Olympos, calling this melody creation the Woodstock. Other scales of music have been incorporated in their other wind chime offerings, as seen below. These sounds can be incorporated into our daily lives, bringing us inspiration, perhaps even healing us by helping us retune the body to a more graceful, less noise-polluted feeling.

The Scale of Olympos and Healing With Sound. About the author: Ava Saadi, author and editor, writes about topics that inspire and promote holistic happy healing, covering topics from Enhanced Reiki to Food for the cellular body.

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