Intuitive Meaning of Healing Paired with QiGong

QiGong is the art of combining breathing , movement, and mental calmness for exercise and healing. With roots in traditional Chinese medicine and martial arts, QiGong is viewed as a practice to balance life energy.It may seem simple, but the rewards are great and will no doubt last anyone a lifetime. What started as a meditative practice is now used as a way to ensure good health and longevity. QiGong focuses on positive energy in the body and mind.

Benefits of QiGong

QiGong has shown to hold many mental and physical benefits. Some of these mental benefits are: well being and improved health, a clear and tranquil mind, increased energy and comfortable warmth. QiGong also encourages a happy attitude more efficient metabolism, greater physiological control and improved intuition and creativity. A mood increase is a great plus from the techniques. A simple hour of your time can encourage better health practices.

It builds discipline. It is merely a matter of habit that is built up over time, just like tying your shoes. Since there is an overall sense of well-being when practicing, it is not very difficult to do.It builds will power and concentration. With practice, it becomes easy to focus our concentration. This will power an ability to focus that can be applied to almost any activity in addition to QiGong. If you try QiGong and do not like it there is not much to lose since you tried free videos.

QiGong and Self Defense

Aside from its many health benefits, QiGong can also be used for self-defense. Although not actually a martial art, it cultivates chi energy that is used in martial arts. Some QiGong styles, such as tai chi, are actually martial arts. Not only does the martial art aspect of QiChong help you in self-defense, your inner strength can also increase. Who doesn’t want clearer skin? And this is a solution without pricey products.

Practicing the QiGong martial arts can also build up muscle. The increased strength and muscle comes from growing and balancing Chi, which can be described as a person’s life force. Even after all of the previously mentioned benefits and rich history, one may still ask the question, “What is the importance of QiGong and why should I learn it?” Anyone in the family can practice QiGong. It is light enough for senior and challenging enough to occupy young minds.

Intuitive Meaning of Healing Paired with QiGong by Lydia Greyson. About the Author: Check out: qigong videos.

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