Interpretation: How It Affects Our Communication

Humans are built to interpret everything. We make it a point to interpret everything we experience in line with our own personal beliefs and principles. It is our intrinsic nature to believe, as philosophy words it, that the truth is relative and always dependent on the perception of senses. Without a doubt, we cease to exist without interpretation. We tend to interpret everything that happens in our lives: art, literary pieces, communication and even behavior! When we converse with other people, we base our replies on how we perceive and interpret the elements of facial expression, body language and voice.

Interpersonal Interpretation – How we relate

Romantic dyads, like any other types of interpersonal relations, also necessitate interpretation to advance and stir communicative cycles effectively. Although interpretation is generally helpful, it can bring about disastrous results, especially when stained with unenthusiastic beliefs or perceptions. Unfortunately, relationships that conceive more difficult, unhealthy interpretations run out of control especially when one or both partners engage in the creation of negative, hurtful interpretations.

The majority of people involved in relationships tend to commit pessimistic interpretation. In such situation, these individuals may consider their partners as adversaries. Hurtful statements such as she just takes advantage of me, he never does anything around the house or she has no principles can pervade their system casually.

Culture and Interpretation

Contrary to what many people think, interpretation emphasises the difference between responding and reacting. A reaction, as opposed to a response, is customarily emotional, defensive and not purposely thought out. Simply put, a reaction is formulated when a person’s interpretation is immediate and unconscious. When a person merely reacts, there is a great chance that the person anchors his reply on negative feelings of anxiety and upset.

Someone who knows how to respond acknowledges the fact that meaning varies upon each person’s interpretation. He realises the importance of asking questions before formulating a satisfactory response. In many cases, a person’s highly reactive approach may arise depending on the patterns of interpretation. To ensure a long lasting relationship, responsible individuals should take time to interpret their partner’s behaviour and discover a better way to respond rather than react negatively.

Interpretation: How It Affects Our Communication by Cindy Cortney. About the author: Click for further information on localization or Translation.

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