The Magical Healing Power Of Laughter – Laughter can Heal

Did you know that laughter can heal people? Laughing has become, for many, the secret weapon, the ace in the hole in the process of self healing. Most of you are probably familiar with the Australian-produced self-help film “The Secret“, and if you remember it, you probably know this story: A woman who was diagnosed with breast cancer laughed herself back to health. She blocked out all stressors and kept watching funny television shows. At the end of three months the cancer had totally disappeared!

The healing power of laughter

There must be some logical explanation, right? Is it really possible to laugh your way back from sickness to health? Well it has been observed by the medical profession that when you laugh, there are certain chemicals released in your body that relax you and allow your body to do what it does best – repair itself! Laughter can heal.

Stress and Illness – Relational

When you allow stress to take over and live your life from a very serious standpoint your body does not release these highly beneficial chemicals, your muscles tense and even natural bodily functions like digestion become harder for your body to regulate. The human body, would in turn, try to regulate, or police this tension, and the yin-and-yang battle between tension and regulation would lead to aging.

So to that end, you would want to look and feel as young as you did twenty years ago by seeing even life’s most frustrating events in a humorous, even self-depreciating angle. Humor is a powerful weapon in the fight against aging and illness, and also a means to stay in the best mental health. The best way top stay happy and humorous is to redirect your focus and thus change your perception of things. Laughter can heal!

But if you maintain your stolid state of negativity and refuse to smile in the face of adversity, you are effectively giving up on relaxation, as your body would not be receiving the necessary chemicals for such a state.

Consider the following quick tips if you want to make humor a productive part of your everyday life:

  • Do things that you really enjoy and find funny.
  • Turn on the television and look for a nice comedy film or program.
  • Read joke books or funny magazines.
  • If you love a good joke, share it with family and friends. Their laughter will become your laughter too.
  • Share funny stories that have happened to you.
  • Be in the company of people who are none too serious and tell good jokes.
  • Allow your friends and family to tell you about their own funny stories.

You should to have a good belly laugh at least once a day. Of course it does, and it could keep you looking 20 even if you’re decades older!

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