Positive Affirmations for Achieving Success

Don’t you love the way our brains work, and the power our thoughts have in helping us to realize the things we want the most? If I’m being honest, I have to admit that it terrifies me as well. Because if thoughts become things, then you definitely want to choose the good ones. This is where positive affirmations for achieving success come into play.

You know, just to make sure that what you’re bringing in is in alignment with what you actually want. As Ralph Waldo Emerson once observed, “A man is what he thinks about all day long.”

Start With Positive Affirmations

Positive affirmations are a great place to start creating what you want (whether that’s small business success, a loving relationship, financial freedom, or whatever it is you are wanting to manifest), but they’re just the tip of the iceberg.

In fact, if you want lasting small business success, it’s important to get to a point where you’re not attaching too much importance to your thoughts at all, and instead are feeling your way through life.

Most of the thoughts that we think aren’t our own. They’ve been passed along to us from our family, our society, teachers, and those we spend our lives with. Over time, these thoughts become beliefs that we operate by, often without even being aware of it.

Once we become aware of this fact, we tend to take an analytical approach to changing these thoughts, which, if you’ve ever tried it, is like whistling in the wind. Put your attention on a negative belief you’d just as soon be done with, and what do you think about? You guessed it: that negative belief.

Do this often enough, and you see why it’s very difficult for us to root out thoughts and beliefs that don’t serve us. When we instead choose to feel our way through any given situation, we move away from the thinking brain and its conditioned thought processes and beliefs, and instead tune our internal radio dial to another frequency where we can “know without knowing” what step to take next as we move towards our goal.

Give Your Thoughts Some Thought

If you’re frustrated with the practice of positive affirmations and want to bring about real change in 2012, try sitting in silence at least once a day. Follow your breath, or the beating of your heart, and when thoughts come up, as they will, watch them float in your consciousness like they were bubbles on a summer day. Don’t judge them as good or bad; just observe. As you do, you’ll notice that your thoughts are actually neutral -neither good or bad, just thoughts – until you assign them a value.

Once you can observe your thoughts and let them go, you’ll begin to trust your feelings and intuition, as well as the inspiration that comes when we turn off the mind chatter (even if that chatter consists of positive affirmations) and tune into the silence.

Try this practice of silent observation for one week, and see what happens. You might be surprised to see that the business success, or any other good thing that you desire, is just a heartbeat away.

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