Improved Health and Well Being from Mindfulness Meditation

Many scientific and medical studies have demonstrated the many benefits of practicing mindfulness meditation. This practice of mindfulness has been effective in the treatment of fibromyalgia, chronic depression, anxiety and also in the handling of persistent pain. The many advantages of mindfulness meditation practice include

  • Increased Ability to Relax
  • Greater capability to Cope
  • More Energy
  • Enhanced ability to Focus
  • Greater Peace of Mind
  • Greater sense of Integrity

Mindful Meditation

Individuals have for thousands of years engaged in practices of meditation, contemplation and prayer. They have practiced bringing present moment awareness to their experiences in their body, into their heart and into their mind. These practices, that can be called holy technologies, help people develop greater kindness, deeper compassion and empathy, and help grow their capacity to be more fully accepting of the ups and downs that is part of living.

Mindfulness and Inner Peace

This practice of mindfulness has in more recent times had a growing impact on our Western culture. Mindfulness does not require compliance to a particular set of religious principles or to a given spiritual view point. The practice of mindfulness can, and does, enhance one’s development through the various stages of the spiritual life. The practice of mindfulness can aid in the negotiating those key passages of personal development and beyond that everyone must at certain periods in their life take.

Fortunately , mindfulness is not something one has to “get” or attain. Mindfulness is already there within you. It is a deep internal source available to you and it is patiently waiting in order to be released and employed in the service of healing, learning and growing..

People of all ages learn to practice mindfulness for reasons as diverse as…

Stress — job, family or money. Protracted discomfort and illness. Hysteria and panic.

Sleeping disturbances or Fatigue

High blood pressure Headaches

These individuals are sent by their doctors and medical advisors or they are self referred. Many such people start the practice because, even though they are now feeling well physically, they say the ever increasing pace of their lives is “out of control” or they “still feel there is something not quite right.” Practicing mindfulness allows you to follow the inspired invitation of the poet Max Erhmann who wrote in his poem titled Desiderata,

“Go placidly amidst the noise and haste and remember what peace there might be in silence.”

Mindfulness – Inner Power

Mindfulness is a method that permits you to be present and to invite the wonder of presence within you. Instead of spending time worrying and wondering what the future will bring you keep you attention focused on the present moment and in a magic way the worry and the agitation begin to flow out of the mind and the body. This mindfulness practice costs you nothing apart from the time and the commitment to the practice that is needed. Mindfulness is a true art and brings you into the power of the presence you already are but have forgotten.

Improved Health and Well Being from Mindfulness Meditation by Tony Cuckson. About the Author: Tony Cuckson is a writer of spiritual and personal development courses guiding you to finding purpose, passion and prosperity through various life transitions.. Using assorted maps of the stages of personal development along with mythology, story telling and personal and spiritual development practices you are guided to live your One Wild and Precious life. To discover more about spiritual development courses and the power of story telling and poetry to transform your life visit

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