Hummingbird Meaning Illusion and Reality

The wonders of this world never cease to amaze me, with so much to see and an endless array of ways to interpret what we have witnessed. Remember those childhood games when we whisper a sentence in someone’s ear, then turn and whisper it to the next person? By the end of the chain we’d laugh at how much the original sentence had changed. Times have changed, we’ve grown, but today a hummingbird reminded me of the illusions we face each and every day. How much we understand about those illusions, and how far we can stretch what we call reality can create turning point is our creativity and zest in living.

Hummingbird Illusions

As I look out the window on a cool winter day I see a hummingbird arrive at the feeder. As he hovers in place my eyes are unable to fully focus on his wings, but see what appears as a halo of that amazing rapid movement of hummingbird wings that captivates our attention.

Our eyes see so much, but live within the frequencies of light we are able to perceive. Our minds cross many bridges, but sees things within the limits of its own knowledge and ability to process. How much exists around us that we cannot see, at least at first glance. How much more could we be aware of if we simply gave ourselves a moment to be within the moment, be still?

The Spiritual Gift of the Hummingbird

As a meta-seer, a soul-speaker, I am practiced at living in that bridge between our moment-to-moment world and the greater presence that is our soul’s expression. I speak to many individuals who open their perception to a moment of greatness. Most clients come to we with a story of an event in their life that they could have easily explained away, but something within that event caused them to revisit so they could find the greater meaning and validation of their interpretation.

The hummingbird lives at the edge of our human world. Their amazing attributes amuse and delight us,  but could there be more? In this instance the hummingbird was a gateway to opening thought beyond the illusionary boundaries we live within. Our eyes imagine the fluttering of wings, yet only see the remnants of their movement. Our heart detects a meaning, and it takes faith and trust to follow those subtle messages.

Hummingbird Meaning Illusion and Reality © 2011 Estee Taschereau, HummingbirdShaman™. Individual sessions delve into identifying the barriers to greater creativity and success.

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