Heart Chakra Imbalances and Healing the Heart Chakra

The Heart Chakra is the fulcrum upon which our entire energy system balances. While our physical heart pumps the blood through our veins with rhythmic reliability so that we may live, our heart chakra allows the giving and receiving of love and sharing in relationships so that we may live in peace. It is our compassionate center, our wise guide. Associated with the color green, this energy center thrives when it is open and clear. It paves the way for compassion and empathy. It brings about understanding understanding and the letting go of past pain and hurt.

The Heart Chakra – One of Seven Chakras

There are seven major energy center in the human body. They are located along the spine; invisible spirals of light and energy that can be felt and affected by us. The Root Chakra connects our bodies and grounds them in the energy of survival and territory, sexuality and instinct. It is located in the region of the tailbone and resonates to the color red. The Spleen Chakra vibrates to the color orange and is located midway between the tailbone and the navel. This energy center has a focus on sociability and the opinions of others. The Solar Plexus Chakra is located just above the navel, representing one’s core personal power and influence.

The Heart Chakra, green and vibrant, corresponds to relationships, healing, love and acceptance in it’s many forms. The fifth energy center, the Throat Chakra, harmonizes with the color blue and represents speaking one’s truth, communication and wisdom. The Brow Chakra, also known as the Third Eye, recognizes spirituality and awareness in a brilliant shade of indigo light. This Chakra stimulates enlightenment, astral travel, psychic abilities and lucid dreaming. The Crown Chakra is the portal to the Divine. It is represented by a bright violet lotus flower in full, magnificent bloom. The Crown Chakra is where the divine energy of source enters our bodies and the seat of consciousness is born.

Imbalances in the Heart Chakra

The illnesses that we perpetuate can be traced back to correspond with energy blockages in the chakras. When referring to the fourth chakra, the physical illnesses and effects are often concentrated in the chest. Heart problems, breathing difficulties, lung problems, high blood pressure and breast cancer are some of the diseases and illnesses associated with blocked energy in the fourth chakra. The Heart Chakra corresponds to the Thymus gland, who’s function is to make the T-cells that are imperative if our immune system is going to function. This energy center keeps us well. An imbalance in the Heart Chakra affects each one of the other chakras . It is intimately connected to each of the other energy centers, being the merging of the spiritual and the physical aspects of life.

Negative experiences and the emotions arising from them, such as anger, guilt, resentment, fear and stress can result in these energy centers being blocked. When this happens our aura changes from the vibrant colors of the rainbow that it once was presenting to a dimmed and dirty version of it’s previous splendor. We often carry around negativity and blame, tension and strife. Even the most mundane interactions can leave a bad feeling or vibration with us all day long. Clearing our energy helps balance our Chakras, cleanse our aura and release that stored energy that is blocking the way for our energy centers to be working effectively.

Healing the Heart Chakra

One of the best ways to combat this barrage of negative influences in our daily lives is to engage in regular Chakra healing and balancing through whatever means suits us best, be it energy work, visualisation, crystal healing, meditation, Yoga or any other means of activity that promotes spiritual and emotional well being. Maintaining balance in our lives is fundamental in mastering the energies that are coming through. A high functioning body system such as ours deserves the attention and clarity of mind necessary to reach it. Wanting to live a balanced life and taking the necessary steps to achieve it require focus, diligence and an acute sense of self. Taking these steps ensures that we will grow, be happy whist we are doing it and reap the benefits of expanded perception, awareness and good health.

Heart Chakra Imbalances and Healing the Heart Chakra by James Magso. About the Author: Learn more about Heart Chakra Meditation. Stop by our site where you can find out all about 7 Chakras Healing Process and what it can do for you.

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