Follow The Leader – Getting Our Own Act Together

Remember those games you used to play as a child?  Not video games, I’m talking about direct-interaction games like hide and seek or follow the leader.  Those games were great building blocks for learning about planning and strategies. Today we can take the same principles found in those games and use them to review just how effective we are in life.

Follow the leader isn’t just a game, it’s also a valid question. Who is in charge? What thoughts step in to our day-to-day world and take charge? How often do you play “follow the leader” with some thought or memory that is outdated and lacking the basics for success?

Supercharged “Follow the Leader”

Getting our own thoughts together is a great place to start, but it’s only one layer in the depth of the human experience. We also have our beliefs, values, and passion, and getting those aspects of self working in the same direction is important so that we are not investing our time and energy in re-aligning all the time. Most of what builds our inner database that makes us think and act in a certain way happens without thinking about it. But with a little focus and attention we can rediscover our patterns and bring present-time clarity into our day-to-day world.

It’s important that we have clarity about what we want as well as what we’re willing to give to make it happen. Only a little time and attention is needed to define our vision, and build a strong goal before we take action. Once we know what we want and the steps to achieving it we have to then believe in our ability to achieve that goal and be consistent with our steps. In the game of “follow the leader” it’s all about paying attention and being responsive, that’s the key to success.

Ready, Set, Grow!

Our personal and our professional life are two separate things, and to some degree we act and share different aspects of ourselves in our business world from what we do and share in our personal lives. On the other hand we are only one person, and like the old expression, “No matter where you go, there you are”. It’s important that we resolve our inner conflicts so that our thought and energy is free for our newest creative endeavor, area of focus, and the tasks at hand.

Does your mind wander when you are trying to bring focus to a project? Do you carry the words and actions of others beyond the actual interaction, weighing and measuring based on personality rather than goal? Do emotions arise during your creative processes, causing hesitation or confusion? These are all great clues that you have a conflict within that could and should be cleared up so that you are not wasting precious time and valuable energy trying to pull yourself in two directions.

It All Gets Down To Value

What do I do in my sessions? I don’t fix your business, that’s your role. My motto: “I help you grow so your business can grow“. It’s very simple, yet it is so often overlooked. It’s not about getting control over ourselves, it’s about freeing ourselves from the constant tug-o-war we create. There we go, getting back to the games in life. Which is your favorite game to play: tug-o-war, or follow the leader?

Follow The Leader – Getting Our Own Act Together. © 2011 Estee Taschereau. About the author: Estee offers clarity mentoring and inner conflict resolution services to clients around the world. Sessions are available internationally, by appointment, via phone or Skype.

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