Thoughts on Buddha

What is Buddha? It is a title that was given to the founder of Buddhism in the 4th and 5th centuries B.C., but it is also the name that represents anyone who has achieved full enlightenment.

Buddha – Full Enlightenment

The idea of reaching full enlightenment is one that we can hold within our thoughts but cannot fully wrap our minds around. How do we relate to the idea of the Buddha or full enlightenment within our lives or within these times?  On the other hand we all seek to know that something exists beyond the life span of a moment. We all breath the same air and speak the same sounds, and one breath can give life to that moment for that moment. We see the continuity of time, but know how small we are, for life only exists within this moment.

But there are times when we forget our fragmentation, and we show glimmers of our soul shining through our eyes. That all-encompassing sign of life cannot help but emanate as we express it in our joy and our love. We may not fully live the Buddha way, shining collectively within our thoughts and actions as the Buddha, but the Buddha clearly does exist in fragments within each and every one of us.

Why these Thoughts on Buddha?

I was inspired to write these thoughts on Buddha after reading this poem by author Aubrey Vernon published in 1909. As I began to write I had no idea what I would say, but the words appeared. Soon I found myself smiling as the faces of people I know appeared within my spirit-vision. They showed me how the Buddha appears in each and every one of us, whether we know it or not.

I was surprised at the faces that appeared, those who are young and are simply trying to find their way, and I realized that I often saw them for their stories, not for their light. The tone of sadness that I could ever see another as “less than divine” was soon dismissed by the warmth within my heart that grew now as I saw them in their Buddha light. The way we live, seeing others through the dilution of their actions, is what we most often do, but it is not the only way.

Our thoughts are very powerful, creating a web that binds together every act of every day, forming a lifetime. It is within that web that we connect this moment to moment world that we think is “our life” to something much greater, the Buddha/Christ within. Each of those fragments, those times when we connect to our Buddha self, we strengthen that invisible bond that holds that light within us.


by Aubrey Vernon

I spoke the holy name as soon
As sunrise woke the world,
For every morn as one new-born
The spirit’s wings are furled;

I spoke His name at busy noon,
For then the soul astray
And known to none is like to one
Whose home is worlds away;

And when at evening, robed and crowned,
The soul returns redeemed,
I went apart and in my heart
I spoke His name and dreamed.

And thus I came to weave the sound
With vast eternal things,
And dreamed until I rose at will
On unbeholden wings.

Beyond the range of hurt or harm
From earthly joy or pain;
For when I spoke His name
I woke And was divine again.

It has more power than any charm
Or talisman may hold,
Than any ring that Queen or King
Worked wonders with of old.

For when the good within me drifts
Anigh that lurid flame
Whose vapors keep the soul asleep,
I do but speak His name.

And like a breath of wind it lifts
The curtains of this Hall;
Wherein all night we keep alight
The torch of festival.

And in the midmost passion there
That sears the soul and scars,
Amid the cries I turn my eyes,
Look out, and see the stars!

I see the stars far off but clear,
Like to the final goal
Which He discerned and haply learned,
The One Encircling Soul.

Thoughts on Buddha © 2011 Estee Taschereau, with reprint of the poem Buddha by Aubrey Vernon. Private Intuitive Sessions with Estee give you the opportunity to experience and speak from the heart and soul, and permeate your life with the light of spirit. Sessions are by appointment, and are offered by phone or Skype.

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