The Deepest Level of Health and Well Being

At the deepest level your physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health become one expression, one basic incarnation of your organism at its core. At this primal crossing, life is simple. You are emitting health and energy or you aren’t. You are moving in a positive direction, with the attendant healthy vibrations (self confidence, flexibleness, love of others, constructive energy in both body and mind, optimum physical health and so on) or you are suffering problems.

Feeling Good Down To The Core

If your deepest health is optimum, you know it. There may be no denying the vigor, fervour and lucidity with which you approach your life, mixed with a very healthy grasp on fact and unwavering self-acceptance when things go screwy. You are one with the stream of life; not pushing it, not resisting its unavoidable current, not swirling behind a rock, but flowing undaunted toward your ultimate integration into the universal ocean of existence.

Health and Well Being – The Connection

Make a guess. Your most serious health is not currently ideal. I can say that with 99.9% guarantee I Am correct, given how few folks ever reach a state of optimal general health and given those few people are seldom younger than the age of 65. If you’re doubtful, check with the development greats on this subject: Maslow, Kohlberg, Piaget, Erikson, Freud, Jung and John Weir all have a tendency to agree with each other on the basics. Life is a development unfolding of our psyche and it does not become truly integrated until much later if you’re employed at it consistently over many years.

How long did the Buddha have to work (or non-work) before achieving enlightenment? It was sort of a trip, was it not? And he wasn’t your typical person.

Setting Personal Life-Creating Goals

What does this mean for all the get-it-now, unlimited-power-flinging, perfect-life-creating personal expansion programs promoted by the masters of the day? They are essentially, bunk. Masters who prey on the navet of those who believe they might have it all “perfect health, wealth, relations and social status at this time (or at the very least in the following 90 days) are unethical. Do not fall for it.

This cold fact check nevertheless , leaves room for a warming breeze from the viewpoint of primal health. Fact and the trail of primal health supply a far better and more pragmatic approach. It’s vital to engage this process as early as possible in life as to form a slow moving wave of health that becomes more influential over a period and may compensate for the natural declining in health that occurs at later stages in life.

Tips to Improve Health and Well-Being

The approach is this:

1. Engage your core psychological, emotional and spiritual health factors on a regular basis. This is your own private, integrative approach to the primal factors in your vitality.

2. Think long term. While you have fast concerns and demands on you, the best path to long-term primal health is to recapture the long term viewpoint. This takes all of the pressure off and places you in a purely generative mode, where creativity and a tranquil viewpoint flow.

3. Employ primal, self-integrating NLP techniques. At the center of Neurolinguistic Programming are tools and ideas that, when put together well, can address primal health in a continuing, generative way. Integration of self is the key to primal health. No part of yourself should be ousted and therefore left to its own devices.

The Deepest Level of Health and Well Being by Mark Barnhard. About the Author: Mark Barnhard is a trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and relationship advice expert.

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