Prayer: Is it Party or Plea?

Prayer, is it party or plea? This may sound like a strange question to bring up, but it clearly defines the two “styles” of prayer. What exactly is a prayer? Is there a “right” way to pray? When do I pray and how?

The Many Acts Of Praying

Having been raised in a catholic household I learned the common prayers used as penance after confessions. As I teen I expanded my scope of knowledge through my quest for spiritual continuity. What is spiritual continuity? It is alliance between vision, thought, actions and outcome that is clearly stated and consistently supported.

What do we expect from our prayers?

What do we expect? Pretty much the same, a continuity and alliance between vision, thought, actions and outcome. Listen please, and support me.

The Prayer of a Child

I remember a joke heard long ago. A father teaches his son about God, saying that “to God a penny is like a million dollars, and a moment like a lifetime, they are all the same”. That night the child says his prayers, and after looking to and fro to see if anyone is listening he asks, “God, can I have a penny”? God answers back, “Of course, just wait a moment”.

Are there rules to prayers? Can we ask for something trivial, or what is perceived as selfish? Do we have to earn our prayer credits, or can we ask for the sky when all we need is a good leap off the ground?

The Prayer Plea

There are those who pray as a part of their daily rituals (yes we follow rituals just the same as those living thousands of years ago).  Those people bring depth into their prayer, satisfying many levels of prayer.

Then there are those who do not give thought, time, or energy to their prayer. They wake in the morning and go about their business, focusing on the outside. But when things go bad, which sometimes they do, and they find the empowerments they rely on everyday do them no good in this moment, then they turn to prayer.

Those prayers are often pleas coming from the voice of the weakened physical perspective. It is not “Hello”, “Thank You” or even “Let’s create the best from the very start”. These prayers are more like damage control, and though each of us has our time when we feel lost within our problems, this is not the place to live.

Prayers to Rejoice

Prayers can be anything we want them to be. They can be a celebration, a calorie-free Thanksgiving any day of the year. All joking aside, what do we want? We want to keep things moving forward. We want food on the table, a happy healthy family, and to feel a sense of accomplishment. What better time or place than to rejoice within our prayers, when we can ask, practice, and experience all at the same time. Amen.

Prayer: Is it Party or Plea? © 2011 Ava Saadi. About the author: Ava shares her years of interest in holistic health and energy healing like Reiki Energy Healing.

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