Healing Through Guided Imagery

The technique of guided imagery is to soothe your inner mind and make you feel relaxed. It reduces the stress and is frequently paired with visualization techniques and physical relaxation techniques. These imagery techniques could be used in the form of meditations with which one can watch the various thoughts and sensations flowing through the mind. Unlike other techniques, this practice allows one’s concentration and imagination to be more portable without any distractions. In order to promote comfort and relaxation, these techniques could be used through many audio programs or books.

What is Guided Imagery?

Images are the language of the subconscious and the conscious mind and any person can communicate only in the form of images with their mind. Because the images in our mind holds the attitudes, feelings, beliefs, thoughts and values that are communicated through speaking. Thus the images that you imagine have a powerful effect on you, which provides relaxation and peace to your mind. By the Guided Imagery techniques, the untapped resources in your mind are unlocked to understand your inner-self better. Once you practice these techniques, you will become more energetic and enthusiastic which spawns positive thinking towards life.

The techniques could be used according to the person such as for certain people, gentle music with massage therapy would be soothing whereas in certain individuals, there could be a conflict within their own efforts. For a guided imagery relaxation technique, throughout the activity, a person talks and it is visualized in the mind of the individual.

Different Styles of Guided Imagery

There are four methods of activity associated with the relaxation techniques. First method is imagining yourself in a comfortable and a relaxed place or any of your favorite places. Try to bring in your senses along with the imageries which would help you in stressful situations.

The next method is called the toe tensing which you can do anywhere. Close your eyes and try to pull your toes back and hold on for a count of 10. Then relax and do it again till you feel better. This technique would pull your tension from the mind and body.

The third method is the deep breathing using the progressive relaxation technique. Sit comfortably in a chair and practice this which would calm down your body.

The last method is known as the “quiet ears” in which you have to lie on your back and place your hands behind the head and close your ears with your thumb.

Try this approach to guided imagery:

Close your eyes and try to focus your mind and imagine you are listening to the sounds of sea waves. This technique would drift your emotions and thoughts and fill your mind with a positive thinking towards things. Try to listen for at least fifteen to twenty minutes. When people practice guided imagery regularly, the blood pressure or BP of their body dips and they even manage to get rid of headaches by boosting up their immune system. These techniques are always a good way to relax ourselves and to achieve an inner peace in case of any crisis or stressful situations.

Healing Through Guided Imagery by Jill Magso. About the Author: Like guided imagery? You will love to know theta brainwaves and distant healing

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